Saturday, February 2, 2008

There is no intelligent life...

Ok, this really chapped my ass on Friday, so it must be big since I am still pissed! I was in a major bookstore (Borders) and about to checkout with my purchases. (I know, how weird, going to a store for books... who knew?) At the little magazine rack is a copy of US magazine. Now, I have seen this magazine before, and I may have once been desperate enough to leaf through the pages at a doctor’s office, but I am not a reader of said rag. On the front cover of this rag, is a picture of some chick driving a car. Looks to me like the photog was in front of the car shooting into it. Anyhow, the picture of the chick is huge, takes the whole cover. At the bottom is some “headlines” that state in bold letters what this chick is up to, and how “Amber “ does something and “Lynn” does something else. No last names, no way to identify who this person is.

How much gall does it take for the publisher of that rag to ASSUME that I know who the tramp on the cover was???? The saleslady told me it was Brittany Spears and the people that are being talked about are her mom and sister. But truly, how dare they assume I knew who it was and with even more temerity, they ASSUMED I GAVE A SHIT. Or at least cared enough to know the little tramp’s mother’s name and her sister’s name. ARGGHHHH.

Has it really come to this? Is America so engrossed in the tribulations of this twisted family that we know and recognize them like that? Dear god, when the classic movies and rock stars were huge, I didn’t who their family was, I don’t care. I REALLY don’t care that Ozzy has a family. All I really care is that he has a band and enough drugs to stay on stage!

I know it’s silly, and unimportant, but it really bugged me. When I see all this “reality” TV and dance wars and CRAP that is being shoveled and consumed by the unwashed masses, I get sick. It’s just more of the dumbing down of world. No wonder the internet generation hangs out online. There is no intelligent life in hollywood!