Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary wants Obama to die??

Wow...  At first I was almost pulling for her.  Now, I hope it’s her that gets shot at first.

Some people have audacity, some have a sense of entitlement and some are just egomaniacs.  This wench is all three with a generous side helping of evil.  And I do mean evil.

People very rarely “slip” when they talk about someone being assassinated, more especially people who are used to being in the public eye and live and die by the sound bite.  For her to say she didn’t mean anything by talking about Bobby Kennedy is about as convincing as me saying I’m not spoiled.  Career politicians don’t make these blunders, they do it for calculated reasons, either to gauge reactions or to start a discussion.  I’m not sure what her goal here is, but I do believe hysteria comes to mind.

After all, she went from the heir-apparent to the throne to an also ran in 2008.  How she must hate Barack Obama.  What a perfect storm he was, huh Hillary?  The ONLY thing in the entire United States that could interfere with your pre-ordained ascension to the throne would be a black man who is eloquent, intelligent and has a plan.  Now all you can think about is getting him killed so he can’t steal your nomination.

To top it all off, this guy makes your job in Washington pretty untenable as well.  After all, you’ve been campaigning for the top spot for a while now, throwing trash talk at alot of your peers in congress.  Now you have to go back there and be the JUNIOR senator from NY?  Hmmmm.  No more press following you like hound dogs.  I don’t really think the real Queen Dee in washington is going to give you her job either... (News Flash - you’re in the wrong house.)  Do you really think Harry Reid is going to roll over and let you be Majority Leader?  I doubt it.  So now you have to go back and be just another body in a house of 100 people more qualified than you.  And remember, the DNC is not real big on re-trying losers.  Although with Howard Dean in there, anything is possible.

In short.  Get out the race you stupid whore.  You lost, go to home depot, buy some materials, build a bridge and GET OVER IT.  Stop praying that Obama gets killed.  Stop trying to re-write the rules you signed up to (although to do so is in your nature).  Quit crying like a worthless tramp-stamped little girl and get out of our lives and off our TV screens.

You’re old news, bitch, time to start acting like it.