Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Help us, Obama-Wan, You're our only hope...

Ok, I admit it, he had me with some of the notions he put forth.  Now, I’m getting a little worried.  Pres. Obama, what is up with ...

... I guess it’s really just a sign of the times, but really, capping salaries for executives?

This is kinda odd for someone to whom the bottom line means nothing and has never meant anything.  I always worry when politicians start getting involved in business.  Not on the Macro side mind you, government has a duty to regulate and govern some aspects of the business world, but when you jump in and tell the people who live, work and breathe the company how much they are allowed to take home, I have to laugh.  Sure it’s great PR and it buys some more messiah-time in the all important polls, but really, come on.  Is restricting jet travel and pay going to help Joe Bagadonuts who lost his job last year?  I know it looks good now, but this shit will bite you later.  Especially when you spend $170M on your inauguration, that looks really bad and don’t think Hannity and Limbaugh are going to forget that.

... Your bailout package is starting to look more and more like an election payoff package, and it really doesn’t need to.  You could have done all that a heck of a lot more quietly and kept the conservative talk radio guys from beating you up on it.  You did do a great job burying some of the payoffs, but you had to know everyone was going to pull this thing apart.  To be fair, you’re not doing anything that every guy before you hasn’t done, I’m not dogging you for it.  But 2 things come to mind, 1) you said you would be different and 2) get better at this stuff FAST or your going down Jimmy Carter Blvd really fast.

... Tom Daschle... the latest in the line of no-tax paying democrats and you DIDN’T VET THIS GUY FIRST?  Geithner's nomination didn’t teach you to look at the idiot’s tax records?  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Daschle looking like a fucktard in all the news media, nobody deserves it more, but come on.  Washington will not be giving you free passes forever, GET BETTER AT THIS STUFF, NOW!  You should have had blitheringly easy hearings for every job you made an appointment to but you pissed away PR points and alot of your grace period because 2 idiots can’t use turbo-tax.  And one of those guys is the new tax man...  Yes, we have the rat in charge of the cheese.  (heheh, I know I know, just kidding, I like Geithner)

... You’re wasting time reacting to Rush Limbaugh?  WTF OVER???  News-flash - Don’t give him the notoriety.  Fergodsakes that was an amateur mistake.  Hillary must have wanted to bitch slap you all the way down Pennsylvania for that.  You just paid for Limbaugh’s next three years on the radio and he didn’t have to “lift a formerly nicotine stained finger” to do it.  You gotta remember, you are a player now, and you make other people player’s too.  Don’t waste that kinda power on your enemies.

So really, come on.  Nobody expects you to turn this recession around tomorrow, and you are going to take alot of pot-shots for that, but you know 2012 is not dependent on it.  Quit acting like an amateur and get in there and do something.  Oh, and hire a a couple of guys from H&R Block to help vet people... really, it’ll help.