Friday, February 20, 2009

Screw the Major Steroid League, forever this time!

(Edited for content - 8 May 09 - Removed some of the terrible language)

I’ve had it.  I have totally had it with the Major League Baseball system in it’s entirety.  MLB is the only business that rivals the U.S. government as far as corruption, greed and graft are concerned.  The only difference... the government actually owns up to it’s mistakes now and then.

Bud Selig and the player’s union are so far up each other’s arses that nothing will ever get done, as we, the fans, stare mindlessly and talk about the “steroid Era” as if it was already accepted.  We’re asking questions now about wether or not these cheating bastards should be in the hall of fame??  How the fuck did we get so mindlessly numb as to even discuss it?   THESE PLAYERS ARE WORTHLESS CHEATING BASTARDS!!!  Do ANY of them really belong next to Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Hank Aaron????

And please don’t give me that crap about everybody did it.  If everyone did it, there would not be 103 names left on that list!!

Don’t tell me “I had to do it to stay competitive” - BULLSHIT.  If you weren’t competitive, it’s because YOU SUCK.  Not because everyone else is doing it.  If you couldn’t hack it anymore, you were supposed to leave the game, not prolong your career with CHEATING DRUGS.

Hey, A-Rod... YOU SUCK, get over it.  If you were a man, you would quit baseball right now and tell everyone how small your privates are.  You only got that FAT contract with the Yankees because you juiced it up with the Rangers.  Don’t try to tell me how sorry you are and how there was so much pressure on you to perform.  Tell that to the $5 whore you’re trying to get off.  The only thing you can tell me that I will believe is that your quitting the game because you’re a cheating little dirtbag.

Hey, Andy Pettitte,  It was cool the way you admitted to your steroid use, you were a man.  NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF BASEBALL, YOU CHEATING BASTARD, ALONG WITH ALL YOUR LITTLE JUICING FRIENDS!!!  That means all you guys that lied to congress and the 103 on the list.

And if I haven’t pissed anyone off yet, here is one for ANYONE who says they are a fan of baseball...


As we sit and chat about wether or not a certain record should have an asterisk next to it, as we discuss wether or not A-Rod looked sincere in his apology, we are FORGETTING that these are nothing but CHEATING BASTARDS.  They cheated to get where they are, to get the outrageous salaries they get and drive OUR ticket prices through the roof...

That’s right, A-Rod screwed me, so did McGwire, and I damn sure want my reach around!!!

So if you can sit there and tell me you’re looking forward to another great season, I gotta tell you, you’re probably the guy who cheats just a little on his taxes and doesn’t mind parking in the handicapped spot now and then... you know, when you’re in a real hurry.

YOU’RE THE GUY THAT A-ROD IS PRAYING FOR ON THE HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE SO HIS CHEATING ARSE CAN GET IN.  Your mind is numb and you accept worthless cheating bastards to feed you your entertainment.  Go buy a book fergodsakes!!

IMHO, there is only one course MLB can take to get me back as a fan...

1 - Ban for life any player ever caught positive for steroids.

2 - Strip them of any records, awards or achievements they earned

3 - Deny them entrance to the HoF forever

4 - Make them pay back any money they received in contracts or sponsorships after the positive test.  Yep, you screwed me over for that money, I want it back.

Sound harsh, golly, IT IS!  Are we making the little player-babies sad cuz they didn’t mean to hurt anyone?  TOUGH!  Get over it.

Will any of this happen?  Nope.

Will Baseball go on, you betcha!  - The unwashed masses must have their baseball.

Will I ever pay any attention to that game again - Not until the above 4 steps are taken.

I hereby turn in my Yankee cap.  Mr. Selig, please quit and hire someone who has real testicles...