Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Foldio - The smartphone foldable studio!

  The Foldio, how cool is this thing?  I saw this on Kickstarter quite a while back, and I just got mine yesterday.  Have to say, this thing is VERY cool.  It is billed as the first fold-able studio for a smartphone.  It is a very fold-able, very portable and very handy photo box for miniatures.  They say it's for smartphones, but really, you can use anything.  I tested it with my iPhone and my Canon Powershot, both turned out to be very respectable photos.  Far better than I have taken in the past.  This post will be pic heavy, so I will save the functional test for the next post.  For now, this is how it works...

  It is made of a very durable plastic material, I think it will stand up to pretty rigorous use.  The backdrops (I got 7 with my KS, plus an LED light bar) are made of foam, the heavy stuff.  Looks like they will last also.  Here are the pictures of how it goes together and a couple of test shots.

   This is how it comes to you, all folded up neatly and with the 7 foam backdrops.  You can see there is a color for just about every use case.
   It unfolds to look like that.  Follow the jump break to see more...

   A close up of the light bar, it comes with an adhesive back and all you do it mount it.  The angle of the tab that it sits on is changeable so you can set different light angles, but it has no 'memory', so you may have to fiddle with it during a shooting session.  Ignore the bulb in the background, it's a camera hound!
   Another close up to show the magnets that are used to make it all work.
   All unfolded
   The tabs are used to hold the foam in place.  At first I was a bit suspect, but the friction of the foam makes it not slide out when in use.  Very simple, effective design.
   The first side folded up and magnetically locked into place.  It seems odd the first time you do it, but it goes together very well and holds great!
   And there it is.  All built.  Much sturdier than you might imagine.
   Cool benefit of using magnets, they also hold the 9v battery that lights the LEDs.
   And with the lights on.  Very cool!!

   Test shots of a WIP wraith.  This is with macro on and I caught some of the non-blue background, but it still looks awesome!

  This thing is very handy, and I can highly recommend it!  I don't know when they will go on sale from the website, but when they do, grab one.  It will make your photos nicer.  It helped mine and I am about as photo challenged as they come.

Some links you wish to follow for more info...

Orangemonkie website - The creators!!

Kickstarter page - Already funded, but lots of good info. 

  So, overall... A+ for this kickstarter.  They delivered on time (mostly) and kept backers in the loop all the way.  The estimated delivery as February, and it's early April, but they explained every delay and they seemed very  forthcoming.  Shipping delays and some production snafus are always to be expected.  Of course, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  This product is every bit as good as they advertised and I am quite happy with my purchase!

Ciao for now.