Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye George, Thank you!

I have cursed you, I have called you every name in the book and I have thought ill of you and your family. Today, I know I will miss you and that, as a fan of (what) baseball (should be), I know you were one of the giants.

You bought my team for $10 million in 1973, today it's worth $1.6 Billion. I guess we can forego any discussion of your acumen and skill.

You fired people that I admire and even loved, you tore down people who were great, even legendary. You spent money like it was going out of style. Some people think you're the worst thing that ever happened to baseball, I think the opposite, you saved it from itself. I may not have agreed with you buying the World Series, but I damn sure loved the ride! And who am I to argue... I have exactly 0% of the pennants/series that you do.

Other owners spend money now and then, and pocketed the results, maybe a pennant here, a series there. Not you, you put the money back into the team. You demanded alot, maybe too much, and you never accepted failure.

You did it all to win. Well George, no matter what anyone says about you, you will be remembered as a winner. You did what you felt had to be done. More power to ya. I met you once and you said hi, even to a nobody like me, just a fan. You cared about your team, your brand and the people that lived up to your standards, even Billy. (Come on, admit it, you liked Billy alot!!! :)

Rest in peace, George. Maybe the field of dreams needs new management?