Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jumping on the CSM/Chaos Bandwagon

  Ok, ok, so I did it.  I jumped on the bandwagon of the old Chaos/CSM steam train.  It's not like I wanted to, it's Chaos damnit, it worms it's way in, it finds ways into your day.  It didn't hurt that a friend was selling his Chaos army and the price was right.

  I got a heck of deal on this army, and having already tried it once, I like the way it played.  And get this, I played without a Heldrake.  Now, I did go buy a Heldrake, and it is on the list to build, but for now, I like what I have.

  Oh yeah, here is the stuff I got.

  • Daemon Prince (Metal, painted)

  • Abaddon (Metal, Primed)
Fabius Bile (Metal)
Kharne the Betrayer (Metal)

  • Ahriman (Metal)
Lucius the Eternal (Metal)

  • 2x Chaos Sorcerers (Metal, Different models, 1 painted)

  • Chaos Lord (Metal, Painted)

  • Chaos Lord in Term Armor (Metal, with extra set of arms)

  • 17 Chaos Space Marines (Mix of painted, primed and non-primed)

  • 1 Chaos Space Marine with Banner (Metal)
6 Chaos Terminators (Metal, 2 have Reapers, all primed)
12 Khorne Berserkers (1 painted, 11 Base Coated)

  • 1 Khorne Berzerker on Steed (Metal, Primed) 

  • 7 Plague Marines (Metal)

  • 7 Possessed (5 Metal, I have box)

  • 1 Noise Marine? (Metal guy, big gun)

  • 5 Raptors (Metal in box)

  • 2 Obliterators (Metal)

  • 1 Chaos Rhino (Primed, well used)

  • 2 Defilers (1 primed)

  • 1 Chaos Land Raider (Needs some assembly)

  • 1 Daemon Bloodletter of Khorne (Metal, primed, missing a wing)
5 Daemon Hounds (Metal, primed)

  • Various Chaos bits

  • Chaos side of Dark Vengeance Limited box
  Yep, that makes a good start for a CSM force, and some of it gets well used into a Chaos force that is on my mind.  While this force is heavily Khorne-ish, I will be taking it down the road of Tzeentch. 

  What I really like is that most of it metal, love the metal figs, really.  The plastic is great, but I like the heft of the metal figs.

  So, some of this goes to the stripper barrel right away, but a lot can just hit the paint line now. Ahhh, the joys of Chaos!!!!

  No game this weekend, had a trip to Ruidoso for some cabin/camping/getting away from it all...  Back to BatReps soon, I hope!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The wife's tyranids, in all their gory glory

  So is it true, all women players play Nids?  It sure seems like it sometimes.  So, yes, my wife is into playing the game, and she plays nids.  She is still learning how to use them effectively, but she's trying, and that's all that counts!

  What follows is shots of her bugs in their gory glory.  The bases are not done, but the figs look great.  Enjoy!  I'll let her comment if she so chooses...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tablescapes (Secret Weapon Minis) Kickstarter is UP!

  Just a quick note to let everyone know that the kick starter is up for the Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes boards.

  The link, direct to the kickstarter is here.

  If you don't know, these are some great boards made by SWM.  They are 12" x 12" and will fit together modularly (Is that a word?)  Anyhow, they'll butt up together in all kinds of configurations.  The first version is for the scrap yard sets, a good choice since it is relatively generic and can represent any kind of modern through Sci-Fi setting.

  They have a very cool system to link the tiles together, WAY better than the GW clips.  And cost?  ROFL, yeah, they're WAY cheaper than GWs boards...  like 40% cheaper, according to MrJustin.

  So roll on over and buy you a set, you'll love them!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something DONE! - Manufactorum and Night Scythe

  It's a Christmas miracle...  well, an April miracle?  I actually have things done for a change.  While I would love to take all the credit, my wife stepped in and did some.

  My wife offered to help paint stuff, and since she is quite good anyhow, I figured how could I go wrong, right?  So I gave her the manufactorum I built from the Imperial Sector set.  Wow, did she knock it out of the park.  It looks so good, pictures don't seem to catch the subtle shading.  My lousy photo skills make it seem clunky and blocky,  but it looks smashing! 

I can't wait to base this with some rubble and make it look great.  It will be a grand addition to the tabletop!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BatRep 1000 aka Necron Beatdown

  So, the beatdown of the metal-men continued.  After many misconceptions and hand-wringing, I developed a list for 1000 points of Necrons that I wanted to address 2 issues i saw.

1. No psykers means psyker beatdowns every turn.
2. Close combat is not our bag, but the space wolves kinda dig that sort of thing.

  Sooooo, I chose a completely ineffective warlord (Anrakyr), loaded him on a CCB and added 3 wraiths with whip coils.  That should do it.  Well, all of you who know Necron lists, know that this was pure folly on my part.  In an army that survives on synergy and using all your units to the fullest, I butchered my chances from the start with bad list making and even worse play.  We rolled up the mission and it looked like fun, The scouring with Hammer and Anvil deployment.

  I know what your thinking, a necron dream mission.  I could use  the long table to maneuver and stay away from CC with the nasty armored meat-sacks.  So, what do you think I did not do?  Exactly, I did not maneuver and I jumped into CC.  What a thundering dunder-head. Deployment was second for me, so I even had the chance to observe, and I wasted that!  What really makes me mad, is that I let my poor tactical decisions get under my skin and I proceeded to channelize, and even forgot to move my CCB with Anrakyr on it one turn!!!  A complete and total poster child for how not to play a game of 40k.  And all through this, Devin was happily butchering my units, psyking them out and generally pummeling me with the space wolf beat stick!