Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tools: The $2 Paint roller/mixer for Valejo pots

  Howdy all,  been a crazy week so far, and shows no sign of improving.  I was watching some YouTube videos, and Les Bursley has a good one on rolling Vallejo paint pots instead of shaking them like I would normally do, using my paint shaker.  Well, that method always led to bubbles in the paint and paint that just shot out of the bottle when I opened it.  I hated that.  So Les was chucking the pots into a drill and spinning them.  I switched to that method and it works, but it is not very handy.  So, I came up with this...

  Yes, the $2 paint roller that is semi-guaranteed to not spin the top off or send your paint flying across the room.  All you do is put the paint pot into it, and spin the pot for a little bit.  you'll see how long it takes to mix the paint. 

  Here is my YouTube video of the creation of that bad boy, and then the picture tutorial will follow after the "read more" jump break...

And now, on to the tutorial (picture based)

 All you need is a 1 inch furniture leg cap from your local hardware store, a 2 inch bolt with 2 washers and a nut that fits.
   Drill a hole the same size as your bolt.
 Insert the bolt with a washer on it
 Then run the last washer and nut on and tighten it up.
 From there, chuck it into your drill...
Add your paint bottle, it's a tight fit, and spin away.