Sunday, July 16, 2017

Warhammer 40k, First Strike set - First look

Unboxing video and unboxing of the new first strike set from Games Workshop.  Very good box for the absolute beginner and it has a thing or two for the veteran gamer too.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Markers for (new) 40k games, Round 1

  Hello, folks.  I cranked out a set of markers for the new 40k, thought I would share here (as always).  Not nearly as many as previous editions, which is actually a good thing.

Here is a link to the PDF on Google Drive

and here is a screenshot, so I can explain;

The fall back markers are just that.  Mark units that fell back from combat.  Remember, flyers can still shoot.

Advance - yep, mark units that advanced.

Gone to ground - If you do a narrative mission that has a pre-game bombardment, mark units that went to ground to save some wounds.  They don't get their first turn.

Combat Round Complete - mark units when you're done with them in the combat phase

Declared Charge / Charge Target markers - These may seem odd, but they may help you with multi-charges.  Mark the unit that charges multiple enemies with the declared charge marker, then the targets with the corresponding lettered Charge Target markers.  It helps because you may get into it with units that you charged and others that you are just locking down.  The markers make it easier to see who can be attacked in close combat.

Transport / Embarked - When I set up I sometimes forget who is in which transport, these will help with that.

Definitely, download the PDF version, the image file is large and some printers/software will scale them incorrectly.  The PDF version is 1" rounds.  If you need to know how to assemble them, here is the blog post and video that shows the system.

Making Markers for cheap!

Super cheap and look really nice.  So, there they are, hopefully, you will find some use for them.   Enjoy!