Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Citadel Crusader Case + KR foam = Fits!

  Quick update folks,  I was asked in a question on the last blog post about the crusader case if KR foam would fit in it.  I am happy to report it does.  Check it out...

   This is the Crusader case with KR foam in it.  It fits perfectly, with a small gap between the 2 sets.  I'm sure I can find something to shove in there, Books, dice, templates etc.

  So, this was the contents of one of my KR cases, you can see that they both fit with room for at least another half of a case to spare.  So this will surely take about 1.5 KR standard Card Cases. 

  Now, this is a crusader case, I do not know if the other two will work the same, given that they have smaller dimensions.  But this just added a great deal of utility to this case for me!!!

  Thanks Stefaan!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Citadel Crusader Case - Cool!

  Hey folks!  Just a quick review of the new Mini case from Citadel. 

  I asked the folks at my FLGS to get me one of the crusade cases, and it arrived yesterday (Friday).  I have to say, I am impressed.  When I first saw it, my reaction was, “wow, that’s smaller than I thought”  But just like the TARDIS, it’s smaller on the outside!!

  So, overall first impressions.  It’s a sturdy plastic that has a little ‘give’ to it, but it is not bendy.  It is nice and tough and has reinforcement where it really needs.  The D-Rings for the shoulder straps are molded in, not snap in, so that’s a plus.  The latches are also a lot nicer than the old ones.  Another nice feature, it only opens to a certain point then is stopped from going further.  Nice to know you wont have the lid let go and crush your (or a friends) minis after they are on the table.

  Now, what about this new, wavy, nested foamy thing inside?  Yes, I saw the video of how it works on the GW Youtube page, but seeing it in person has made a believer out of me.

  I am a long time user of KR Cases and foam.  I love their systems and the way they make things work.  I do not see that changing any time soon.  But I can say I will be adding this case to my game day carry.

  The wavy foam is very nice for holding minis and as a bonus, as you add more minis, it makes the foam ‘form’ around the minis even more for a nicer fit.  You can also lay minis down if they have long weapons/banners/poles etc.  Because the wavy foam is not glued to the bottom, you can stretch it to fit around anything from a snotling to a dreadnought.  Even vehicles can be wiggled into the foam and protected.

  In one of the pictures, you can see how I took my “high” models (Catacomb command barge and ghost ark) and put them in, then flipped the wavy foam over the fit over the protruding parts.  I’m not sure if they meant for that to work, but it does, and it’s an option.

  So, in summary, these are nice cases and they come in at a price point that is very competitive with other systems out there.  Highly cool, IMHO.

  I have not checked to see if they will fit in an airline overhead bin or under a seat, I don’t have spare airliners around :)

  So, check them out, they do not suck!  They are quite useful, I would think.

  Pictures and such after the break, click below :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Markers for 40k games - Easy as cake

  Hey guys!  Just wanted to share a quick piece of work I did the last couple of weeks, markers for my 40k game.  Now, the reason for these is simple, I forget everything, good and bad.  I forget if I moved with jump packs in the movement phase, I forget ever-living etc. I would forget my dice if I didn't have a huge game tote to bring everything in.

 So, enter the fine folk at Objective Secured who made fantastic markers for Infinity.  So, I stole the idea and used it for 40k (and soon for Dropzone Commander as well.)

  Turns out, these are dead easy to make!  All you need is your favorite art program, some bottle cap inserts from amazon and patience.

I made three sheets so far, but I will be making more as time goes on.  I just played a game of dropzone commander and I saw a huge need for these in that game as well.   Here are the sheets made in the YouTube video...  Download links are after the jump break.

Instructions and more photos after the jump break... 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pegasus Barbed Wire kit review / Conquest / FTN Template

  Hey guys!  Here to review a kit I bought today from my FLGS.  It's the Pegasus Hobbies Barbed Wire kit.  This is a kit that has been around a while, but I was never interested because I used brass ethc barbed wire.  But for $6 I couldn't say no...  (Can I ever?)

  When I first saw it open, I was really disenchanted.  The barbed wire is on a plastic sprue with TONS of gates.  After looking at it though, it looks like real barked wire.  One of my knocks on the etched brass barbed wire has always been that they look really flat and 2 dimensional.  Even when you put a good twist on them, they look like twisted flat stuff.  The Pegasus barbed wire has barbs all over the surface, at different angles and degrees, so it looks good,

  That being said, this product does not look like real barbed wire up close.  There is no attempt made to even make it look like wire strands with barbed wraps on it.  My feeling is that at the distance most people will observe it (2-4 feet away), it will be as, or more, convincing than the brass etch stuff.  That is just an opinion though.  For up close, diorama use, the etched brass may have the better profile.  So, you decide.

  Of course, the sheer number of gates means you have to be careful getting this off the sprues. 
  I will let he pictures tell the tale!  I think it will look good from a distance, and the price is cheap, at 29 feet for $6 to $8.

  Also, I got the new Conquest cards (Zogwort's Curse) and my FTN Templates came in, Thanks TPM, Kenny, Rob and


And now... the pictures...

Older kit, been out for a while...
These are the posts to attach the barbed wire too, or you can toss them, they don't look great

Look at all those little gates.  Be careful with those sprue cutters :)
See, the barbs come out at different angles :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

LaserCutCard product review video

  Hey guys,  as some of you know, I reall like the stuff over at LaserCutCard.  I finally managed to make a video review of the pieces.  If you need Necron (ot other stuff), head over there ASAP and give it a look, you will not be disappointed!

  So, here is the video!  I hope you enjoy!

  I have this post scheduled to drop when the video finally uploads, so no idea when it will go up :) 


Friday, March 6, 2015

Next Level Painting - Check out the tutorials!

Hey guys,

  I don't normally hawk stuff on the site, I like simple opinions and reviews, but every now and then, something gets me excited about painting again. 

  For those who may not know, the guys at FTN (Forge the Narrative) have a great podcast and a great Monday night webcast.  But now, Kenny Boucher has a new, improved youtube channel and he is doing some crazy good stuff over there.  He is really launching a new series of painting tutorials in a big way, and I have to say, they are pretty good.  He gets really great looking effects and shows you how!

Check out Kenny's channel.... 

or his Facebook

  I am subscriber, but I am not getting kickbacks or anything.  Just trying to get the word out about a good painter doing good work.  Here are some other links for the FTN guys and their channels.  If you haven't heard/seen FTN, they are definitely my top listen now that the Independent Characters are going away!

FTN Podcast

FTN Youtube channel

Spikey Bits channel

Check them out, these guys have their shit together!