Friday, October 25, 2013

Feast of Blades, Grex and Dropzone Commander

  How cool is that badge number?  I was "the Devil's Con-Goer"  or the Devils's geek...

  So, Feast of Blades was on a three day weekend, and I managed to sneak up there for the day to watch the happenings.  I also wanted to see the vendors, especially Spikey Bits, since they would have the Grex Airbrush stuff there, and I wanted a new airbrush!!  Lets face it, I went for the vendors.  I also wanted to go to Ikea and the GW store up in Denver, and Caboose Hobbies too.  So, it may have been a whirlwind trip, but it was fun.

I didn't play anything that mattered, and I only was able to watch for a while, but it seemed to be running very smoothly and I didn't see any hiccups while I was there.  The open and the invitational seemed to go very well.  Never saw any rage, and people seemed to be enjoying their games.  I'm not the kind that goes up and butts in, so who knows, maybe everyone hated everyone?  LOL.  Saw a large number of Eldar and Taudar lists, as you might imagine.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween - Great time for bits boxes!!

Halloween, what a great time for the bits box.  Just wanted to quickly share some items I bought at the spirit store today.  All of this is for my 40k bits box, none for the holiday yet...

This is a shot of the Teeth necklace, the skull actually caught my eye though, that skull will be a great scenery addition somewhere, and I may even make a mold of it to just duplicate the front half.  The teeth, well, what Ork scenery would be complete without some teef lying around??

Blood drop Jewels, do these not just SCREAM blood angels???  Perfect for drop pods, buildings, you name it.  Awesome sauce!

Just like the necklace, but with more skulls. 

Skull pile anyone?  With some flat paint and touch ups, these are a charnel pool for any Demon world!
  So, like I said, quick post with just some ideas!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laser Cut Card - Cyborg Sentinal (twin pack)

  Hiya folks,  Just a quick review of another FANTASTIC kit from Laser Cut Card. This one is the Cyborg Sentinel Twin-pack.  As you may recall, I built the previous incarnation kit, the Monolith and I was thoroughly jazzed with it.  Well, this kit is even, and I mean A LOT better!!

  As you can see in the pic right here, the Sentinals have a nice angle to them, unlike the monolith, which is a square.  Also, gone is the cardstock crystal, replaced by the green power crystals that mount into the holders perfectly.  The package comes with 2 complete Sentinals, as you see here.  Ingenious cut outs in the 'sprue' allow the crystals to ship relatively flat in the package.

  Assembly is dead easy, even more than the square monolith.  I like the fact that all the stuff in the symbols on the sides is 'backed up' by a small piece of card that you glue in.  You can see it in the pic below.  That means the highlight painting is even easier on this kit!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Talk Wargaming Network

  Quick post, heading out to Feast of Blades here soon.  Joined the Talk Wargaming Network today.  This is a new blog alliance and I like the direction it's going in a lot.  Quite a few things to recommend it.

  • The web widget you get is not just a banner ad, it's also a mini-blogroll of the last 7 posts made in the network.  Very cool and makes life easier, nothing to update at all.
  • Fast response from the guys.  I had just barely e-mailed my request to join when I got confirmed that I was in.
  • There is a crap ton of content already there on the main site.  Tutorials, tactics articles, reviews, you name it.  It's a feature rich!  All I can hope is that I can add a little something worthwhile now and then.

  So, if you're a blogger, and looking for a network (and who isn't?), this is one to definitely check out!!

See ya after the Feast!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Laser Cut Card Objective Markers - Necron

  Well, Neal from Laser Cut Card did it again!  Another home run in the Necron coolness department.  These are some dead simple objective markers for themed for a Necron force and they are just great. 
  What makes them so great?  Notice the dice in the midst of the marker.  This is a great way to show what mysterious terrain you are in.  You can just roll the die, set it into the marker and voila, instant remembering.  I have the GW munitorium objective marker sets, and I like the stands and the dice, mind you, but the color and contrast makes them damned hard to read.
  These markers are pretty big, but not overly so, you can see the size in relation to a die.  One side has the normal spread of number 1,2,2,3,3,4 while the other side has a generic Necron emblem.  They are three layers thick of the heavy duty card Neal uses, so there is very little chance of the die getting bumped or jostled out of the marker during a game.  If you're tough enough to knock the die out of it, you're probably a rage-quitter... seek professional help :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Working Trip to Hawaii, LaserCutCard and more

  Sorry to be away so long, and not getting to post anything about the best release to date - Space Marines!!!  I have been on a working trip to Hawaii.  I know, you're thinking drinks with umbrella's on the beach, but no, this was a hell trip.  Over the last 30 days I had 1 day off.  I even went so far as to ship some of my Eldar figs, paints and some tools to my room there so I could paint them on my down time.  LOL, I never even had a moment to uncap a pot of paint.

  Here are some random pics I grabbed while out there.  It was fun, and we got a lot of work done, good work too, but now I need a vacation.  I need to get back to work and decipher this Space Marine release.  I bought a lot of the models on the pre-order, but really haven't looked at them yet.

The thing I was working with in Hawaii.  Cool pic of this ship

  Also, just before I left I got a package from Neal over at Laser Cut Card.  I know inside is my new monolith and those awesome objective markers for the Necrons.  I'm psyked about those!!  So, more soon, when I get unpacked and back to normal (nuttiness) around here!

On the way to Queens Bath on the Island of Kauai, amazing sights here