Saturday, November 30, 2013

Review: IA Model Masterclass Vol One

  Am I late to the party on this one, yep, sure am.  This book was first published in 2008.  But maybe, if you're on the fence, I can help nudge you one way or the other.

  I got my forgeworld order in the other day, and there was my cool books.  I was really looking forward to getting these two master class books, as the descriptions made them sound very useful.  They are, indeed!

  The book is beautiful, as you would expect from a forgeworld publication.  You will not be disappointed with the quality of this book, from the binding to the pages and printing.  Very durable and worth the money.  But what about the guts, you ask?

  Well, here is where you get your moneys worth.  I am not going to break it down chapter by chapter, but I will overview the book.  The first thing to know, and they tell you this on the web page, it is not a "how to build a model" book, this is a master class level item.  Not to say that the techniques in the book are beyond the 'average' modeler, far from it, they teach you well.

  The first chapter is, as you might expect, about tools and equipment.  What you may not expect is that it is not the typical fact sheets for GW tools and such.  It is a good, solid run down of things you'll need, and things you never even thought about needing.  And lots of stuff not made by GW even?  (Heretics in forge world department, inquisition please report to forge world!)  For instance, they talk about taking apart a water filter to get a lifetime's supply of rivet heads, and how to use them.  Bang on!!

  They then move on to building tanks (Armour is the focus of this book... go figger).  They show a step by step build of a Renegade Medusa tank.  From bag-o-parts to finished product.  They do not show you how to build and work with resin, but rather how to doll it up and take the existing vehicle and dress it for war.  In the article they make tank tread holders from old brass sprues (never throw those away!!!!).  They also run some hydraulic lines to the dozer blades and put rivet heads everywhere.  In short, they take this chapter to give you ideas for how to take your models to the next level, how would the crew be using it, how it would look after a fight.  There are SCADS of pictures, and the keyed text is great at not just saying how to do a step, but in many cases why.  Another cool idea, hairspray to make some great use/damage effects on the plow blade.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The ForgeWorld order arrives... Munitorum Battlepack and more

  Just a quick note to say (to the American audience) Happy Thanksgiving and get ready for some reviews, because the Forge World order came in.

  Here is the list of new toys...

Fire Raptor Gunship
Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre
Imperial Armor Masterclass Vol 1
Imperial Armor Masterclass Vol 2
Necron Scarab Swarm
Eldar Vehicle Upgrade pack

and from the boys at GW...  the Munitorum Battlepack.

  So far, all the forge world stuff looks GREAT, but I am rather disappointed with the Munitorum Battlepack.  I had thought might fit a KR Cardstock case inside it, but alas, it does not.  Also, it is not made from exceptional high quality material.  It is not cheap, and I don't think it will come apart any time, soon, I can certainly promise you it is NOT worth the $100 price tag.  So, learn from my mistakes people, don't piss money away on this thing!!!!

  That being said, I can see where it will be useful as a pack anyhow.  The side pockets are very large and deep, easy to see the templates going into there without effort.  It does have a certain very World War I feeling to it, like the rest of the munitorum stuff.  I do like the way it all conjures up images of the WWI stuff.  The warnings and imagery on the outside are pretty cool as well.  But, it is not worth the $100 by any stretch of the imagination.

  I also picked up photo resist etching kit from Micro-Mark to try out for making small parts I need for my home-brew chapter iconography.  It's gonna be a busy few months!

Author's Edit

  Well, that was a bit WRONG!!!  I meant to say it would not fit TWO KR Cardstock cases inside, it handles 1 without any problem...  I'm sorry if I messed anybody up...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Space Battleship Yamato... And a PK-PRO mini-holder!

  Before Robotech, there was Star Blazers!  This was one of my favorite shows ever, before Anime was cool, it was what I ran home from school for.  Well, lo and behold, I was looking around the interwebs and I found a 1/500 model kit for the ship.  I just got it in the mail the other day and is it ever cool.  Can't wait to build this bad boy and get it on display (somewhere...) First done in 1974, it really did lay the groundwork for a lot of the space anime that was to come.

  There is a much bigger model of this ship (1/350) and it has sound and motion, but also a $400-500 price tag.  Sheeeesh.

  This plastic model is really well done by Bandai.  The instructions are totally in Japanese, but I found a site that had them all scanned in and translated to english.  Woooot!  The turrets all rotate and the pieces are really beautifully done.  They are molded in colors, but it will get a paint job, that's for sure.  I'm also pretty sure I will be getting another light kit from PoweredPlay Gaming to light this bad boy up.

  Also, I picked up this pretty cool mini holder from PK-PRO in Germany.  It's quite cool, but this is a lousy picture.  It is a nice, ceramic base with a split cork in the center.  The metal rod wraps around and gives you a VERY comfortable place to rest your fingers, not on the mini, marring up the paint job.  The split cork is very nice, because you can put the pin (if you pin your figs to the bases) into the split and it holds it very securely.  You can also just glob on the hobby-tac as well.
  Not a great image, but I will be putting up more about it.

  And one last Star blazers image...

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Comparison of Matte Finishes, and Veteran's Day!

 Welcome back!

  First off, as a retired Vet of 26 Years, 11 Months and 15 days, I want to thank every service man & woman currently serving for their sacrifice and dedication.  I want to honor all those honorably discharged veterans and thank them as well.  And I want to honor all those who fell in service to their country.  All gave some, some gave all!

  I know the image over there is the American flag, but I would like to extend my thanks to all the British, German, Canadian, French, Australian, Swiss, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish and countless other soldiers of nations I have served with (and sometimes drank with!) as well.

  Now, on to our show.... 

  I was working on a lot of stuff this weekend, when I had some home time, and one of those items was to finally seal some of my models with matte finish.  I have three cans of matte finish sitting around here and I didn't know which to use.  So, I decided to compare them in actual use.

  I made three test sticks of models, mostly Necrons, but some trees from the citadel wood kit as well.  The three contenders are;

  • GW Purity Seal
  • Army Painter "Anti-Shine"
  • Krylon Matte Finish
  I used the same area to paint (my back porch) on the same day and time to minimize any differences because of conditions.  Same goes for the photos, all in the same light box, same background and same messed up light placement.  (Yes, I know had the bounce of the lights wrong.. I was committed by then :) At least this way I'm not favoring one brand or the other.

  I'll cover each in turn;

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GW Coolness - New (corrected) Apocalypse Collector Chaos Daemon data sheets

  Hey guys, just a quick note.  Got a package in the mail today, well, envelope really.  What got me was the wife called and said there was a space marine on the envelope too.  I hadn't ordered anything in a while, so I was a bit befuddled!

  Get home and see it's from Nottingham.  Only one thing could be in here.  My golden ticket from GW that gives me a lifetime sub to White Dwarf and a copy of every model ever released in the fututrre, right?  Nahhhh.  But almost as good.

  The letter inside said thank you for buying the Apocalypse Collector Set and that there were some issues with the Chaos Daemon sheets.  They had enclosed the corrected sheets for me to use, and confuse my opponents with the others... lol.

  Just thought I would pass this on, very cool of them to do that, I guess you do get what you pay for after all. 

  Read the letter for yourselves, it's kinda cool.