Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Gun Day! Osama Dead Laden et al

Yep, 25 years ago today, the movie came out.  Joy of joys, huh?  What a great flick (at the time).  Watching it now reminds me of how campy it really was.  Kind of like Red Dawn!  Still, it's a fun movie to watch, even now.

It's also Friday the 13th.  My favorite day, always been good to me!

So, Osama bin Laden... dead?  Maybe...  Here is one for you conspiracy nuts.

If we captured him alive and told the world about it, we would have to keep him in a glass cage so everyone could see how well he was treated and 3,247 lawyers from around the world would make up his defense team.  22 years from now a jury might be able to convict him for shoplifting at the Allah-Mart in Riyadh.

But... if we took him alive but told everyone that we double-tapped him in the head, buried him at sea and gave him all the proper muslim rites, nobody could be the wiser.  So, hopefully, he is rotting in some cell at a secret CIA torture house and being pumped for info.  If nothing else, lets get his bank account passwords :)

All I know is this, people are making too much about Pres. Obama, and Hillary and the picture of her being shocked.  Let it go folks, you weren't there (unless you were there...) and you don't know.  The President and his team made a great call to go forward with a very touchy mission and the US Military did their normal Shit-Hot job of making it happen.  A big toast to everyone from the President on down to the little Airman 1st class that made it happen!