Friday, February 22, 2008

I am so tired of Mac Haters

As many of you know, I have switched my focus and effort from the PC world to the MAC world.  This was all brought about by the abortion known as

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 64 Bit Edition.

After installing this bloated piece of software crap (designed by Micro-tards, marketed by scumbags) I started a several month long journey into the depths of MS-Hell (Version 6.6.6).  Drivers that did not work, were not signed or simply sucked so much ass that an 8th grader in Hoboken could have done better.  And those great Apps.  WOW... holy shit, look at the great updates there... ummm, solitaire is fuckin cool now and Mah Jong comes STANDARD baby!  Too bad networking was broken and User Account Control was implemented so poorly that you had to be asked every 8 seconds if you really wanted to do anything at all??????  They managed to break everything of value that was in XP, or move it to some incomprehensible new menu structure.

In my humble opinion, Mac’s are just better.  Easier, faster, able to do things intuitively etc.  Are they perfect, nope, far from it.  Are they a damn sight better than XP or Virus... you damn right they are.  When you start up your mac, you just start to get things done right away, no searching for disks to insert, no begging for the latest signed driver file to download, you just do it.  To me, one of the biggest things I notice on the Mac is the style.  Yes, on a Windows box you have 967 choices of programs to get a certain task done while the Mac world may only offer 2.  I will tell you one thing though, in the mac world, you’re going to use one of those two programs and wonder “Why doesn’t the PC do it this way?  It’s so much better,easier,faster...etc...”  Even during my switching period, where I didn’t know how to accomplish certain things, as I learned about it, I found myself saying “wow, that’s awesome” ALOT!

What is really starting to kill me is the constant tirade of Mac hate out there.  It’s easy to see where it comes from.  The Microsoft flag wavers got their asses handed to them with Vista and they are seeing the market share numbers creep ever so slowly up for Apple.

This is not to say that Apple will ever dominate the marketplace, far from it.  The will however, command respect in the marketplace and the decades long dearth of software will begin to ease as developers realize they need to support this market.  So instead of droning on and on, let me just present my list of things and some answers.  Trust me, if you want to get the measure of your life back that MS and PCs are snarfing from you, SWITCH!  Ask me how!

  1. Macs are toys - show me a computer that isn’t... JP Getty made a fortune without a PC

  2. The Mac OS won't run games - Ok... so far I must agree... mac gaming is lame

  3. Mac’s are too simplistic - And there is a problem here?

  4. There’s no software for it. - Have you looked?  MS Office is on the Mac, dolt!

  5. Microsoft bought Apple - I love that one...

  6. If you want a REAL computer use a PC - Otherwise you can’t have your viruses and spyware

  7. No Macs on the network, they are a security risk - And Windoze isn’t? - eeegads

  8. Macs are so expensive - You get what you pay for

  9. 95% Market Share for Windows, Game Over, Game Over, (repeated ad infinum)

  10. I can build a windows system for 1,000 dollars cheaper - assuming the OS is of equal value

  11. Apple stole GUI from PARC - Which MS then promptly stole from apple...

  12. Macs are for artsy people and not getting real work done. - Me? Artsy?  My ass

  13. Mac's don't work with the internet. - I love that one...

  14. “Mac's are slow. d00d, I can get a 3GHz PeeCee for $150, but MAC'S are only like 2.0GHz at $5,000. OMG Tahts stoooopid!11!!.” - UGH, where do I start??

  15. Mac's are only good for working with graphics - <cry> old habits

  16. Mac's crash every 2 minutes. - My iMac has been uptimed for 3 months... (Not even a reboot)

  17. Mac's don't even have USB or FireWire. - WHAT?

  18. Macs don't have solitaire -