Thursday, February 5, 2009

It makes we want to cry... happy tears!

There are a few times in a person’s life that make you really want to cry, weep with happiness that cannot be expressed.  For me, many times, that feeling comes when you vehemently oppose or support something that eventually turns out to be right.  The people who looked at you skeptically finally turn and say, “hey, you’re right” and that’s all I need.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m right alot of the time, but when it counts, when it’s big, it makes me jump for joy.  That’s right, I’m not the guy that scored the big home run in the big game, I’m the guy that hammered that little Asian kid from Choate Academy on the debate team.  AND yeah, I owned his ASS!!!

So, I ask you to read my earlier post about my wonderful USAF and the abortion that is the F22, and then I point you here....

Save the Pitiful F-22

That’s right, even the damn USAF, the organization that is RE-ACTIVATING me in April of ’09, see’s that the F-22 is a lost cause, an anachronism of an earlier time and a piece of crap that we can do without.  When I say piece of crap, please understand that I mean, the world’s most advanced, America’s most perfect fighter ever invented, piece of crap.

It’s a toy, invented for big boys with REALLY big egos and really little dicks.  It solves a problem that the United States has not faced in 45 years, and that is lack of air superiority.  And please do not give me your BULLSHIT about trying to stay ahead of the world.  the ONLY competition we have is the EU and generally speaking, they are pussy’s.  12 guys with F-4 Phantoms could eliminate France and the Brits would never mess with us anyhow.  Do NOT tell me what a threat China is with their vaunted air force.  The numbers you are using to scare me are pre-Viet Nam and I’m not that stupid.

So... to wrap this up, thank you, Mark, for turning me on to that Hufpost and making my day!

Pres. Obama - PLEASE kill all future orders for F-22 Rapacioushitmonsters and keep my Air Force alive!!!  I have faith in you!!!!