Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Necron-Metalman-Teminator Goodness

Ok, so I'm back into WH40K in a big way.  I have the beginnings of a decent Space Marines force, an Eldar Battleforce (still in the box) and now...  There is Necron goodness...

I am totally digging on painting these guys.  First, I have always really loved Necrons.  Second, the new codex and new minis are a joy to behold (except for the FineCrap minis... different rant).

My forces are going to be basic black with Copper and Blue highlights.  These guys were dry-brushed with copper and highlighted with three different shades of blue.  I also am going to replace the ghastly green weapon barrels with a far more sedate blue acrylic version.

It's so nice to be back into 40k!!