Sunday, April 13, 2014

Land Raider Achilles - WIP #1 - Lighting

  Well begun is half done, right?  I started the Land Raider Achilles from Forgeworld tonight.  Got quite a bit done, a lot of the build is complete.  Went together very well, haven't had to re-work any of the resin pieces at all.  I decided to light up the headlights with an Alpha set from PoweredPlay Gaming, and that went well also. 

  What follows is the pictorial history of the evening.

 Pretty standard land raider build to start off.  In the instructions, they say you need to glue in the engine piece to the interior, trouble is, that does not fit.  The slope of the rear glacis prevents the engine piece from sliding in.  Even in their images for the build, it shows it removed from most of the pictures.  I left it off.  No sense fiddling with something that will never be seen by anyone.
   5 Minute epoxy was used to join the plastic and resin pieces.  I like the epoxy better than super glue, it holds more solidly.
   Testing the PoweredPlay set to make sure it works.
 The initial install of the lights.  Fairly simple process to drill out the headlights to 1/8" to fit in the LEDs.  I used orange and white, orange for the fog lamps...
   Holding down the wires with hot glue so they don't muck about while I'm trying to glue the top down.  Had to drill out a small channel for the wires as well.  The tin foil was just used to prevent the LEDs from bleeding light everywhere since they are set back.  I don't like the look of the LEDs sticking way out of the headlight frames.
   Mounted the board with hot glue to the rear glacis and the screwed the switch in to the bottom after cutting a hole for the switch.  The battery is actually outside the hatch in this shot.
  And there it is, all lit up like a death dealing christmas tree.  The tracks are off getting primed in painted to metallic glory.  A little green stuff work done to make a couple of gaps go away.

  That's all for now.  More to come...