Friday, August 8, 2014

Imperialis Basing Kit - Reviewed

Well, I saw it, I bought it.  I'm like that.  It actually looked kind of cool.  So here is the review...

I have to say, it does not suck.  It's actually pretty nice.  For the low, low price of $33 (US) you get 5 40mm  and 20 25mm base toppers and 2 bags (not just 1, but 2!) of rocks.

  The Base toppers are very well detailed, and they certainly follow the gothic theme of all the GW terrain, especially the new boards.  As you can see in the photos, they're pretty nicely done.  The detail is very deep and clean on all of them.

  At first, I thought $33 might be a bit much, but then I compared to Secret Weapon Miniatures, and the same amount of product from them was $30, but without the rocks.  (A quick note on the rocks.  As opposed to some of their other basing kits, these rocks look like they were put through a wash before being bagged.  There is not a whole ton of dust in the bags.  Nice!)

  Now, some folks will yell that SWM makes full bases, and these are just toppers.  Well, yes, but they have the same detail and they are more flexible in their usage.  You can break these apart to make even more bases if you need to... so there! :p

  So, all in all, a pretty nice kit, decent price point and essentially, two bags of free, clean rocks.  Who can beat that?

See ya round!!