Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Darkwing Knights... or changing my fluff

  Well, I did it again...  I changed my fluff for my chapter.  At least I haven't painted a whole mess of them yet...

  Why you ask?  Hell, I don't know.  I was just never happy with the Black Templar background, so I am playing it down quite a bit.  I have always loved the Raven Guard and the Blood Angels.  My play style is WAY more BA than RG though, so I am going down that road.  I will be using BA for my main CAD and using BT as allies to maintain the proper fluff/game ratios :)

So, the banner...  At the top we have the chapter logo, no it is not a Batman logo :)  It is close though.  I have been associated bats for as long as I can remember.  Everything from call-signs to Squadron patches and logos have been bats.  I like bats.  It's my chapter, back off ;)  Also, bats are terribly under-represented as far as I can see searching google for chapter ideas! 

  Under that is the Latin "Post Tenebras Lux" which translates to "From Darkness, Light", yes, we spread the light of the emperor!  (It is actually, After Darkness, Light, but it gets the same message out :)

  Next is the Imperial Aquila, Hail the Imperium!

  Then, the crossed swords of Loyalty.  Loyalty to the Imperium, glory to the Emperor!

  Beneath that is the Laurels of glory in battle!

  The Darkwing Knights scroll follows that.

  On the peals are the symbols of the Blood Angles and the Black Templars, in homage to our parent chapter(s).  In the center is the flaming skull, an homage to our desire to strike from the sky in a burning hellfire of the emperor's truth and glory!   Yeah...  Boom, there it is...

The decal and Symbol of the chapter;
The Darkwing symbol, in black and red, to honour the mother chapters and the cross, our symbol of knighthood.

  And the new, improved paint for the marines;
  Simple, easy to paint and looks pretty decent, I think.  Sergeants will have red helms. 

  Vehicles will be black, with some attempt at camouflage!  They will also have the Teal and Red on them for flavor.

  So, that's it, the new look...  for now...  until I change again!  LOL