Friday, January 30, 2015

New F.A.T. Mat arrives...

  Wow, sorry for the lack of updates lately.  Been really busy and involved with things.  Stuff has been happening thought, so next up is the latest F.A.T. Mat from Frontline Gaming!  Boooyeah!  I had some money come in from selling my AT-43 minis on e-bay,so I just had to get the cityscape.  This new incarnation is great, follow along with me...

  So I ordered the Urban Combat mat and boy is it sweet.  The graphics are just beautiful and it has an overall feel that just feels right.  Another thing I noticed, there are 'rows' of lights imprinted that seem to be pretty close to the Vanguard Strike deployment area.  I have not measured it, but it looks pretty darn close, and if I know Reece and the frontline guys, that is something they would do.

  So, pictures follow, along.  And stay tuned for a Laser Cut Card post very soon.  Finishing up a build for some great new pieces from them!!

   On the left is the new mat in the new case, MUCH nicer than the old one and it has a shoulder strap as well.  Bingo, hit that one outta the park!!

   The art and level of detail is fantastic on these things.  This will be a joy to play on!
 Close up of the detail, just amazing.
 See those lights?  Pretty sure that's Vanguard Strike!
   The thickness and durability of the mat.  You are not going to tear thing or hurt it unless you really mean to.
  At home on the overhead FATMat storage rack.  The alpine and galaxy map are it's battle brothers!

That's all for now.  Thanks and stay tuned!