Friday, February 5, 2016

Assault Dice - Software Review

  I have had this software on my iPad and iPhone for some time now, and realized I had never talked about it.

  Assault dice is available from the App Store for the iPhone and the iPad and it is actually quite a good program.   What is it?  It's a die roller.  It's a monster number of dice roller too.  It lets you save multiple layouts and dice setups so it is very flexible as well.  On my iPad I can roll up to 120 dice at once, so look out Astra Militarum!

  The way it works is relatively simple.  It has a built in tutorial that gets you familiar with the layouts and how to manipulate them. 

  You go to the main menu and open a new layout, then you add dice of the appropriate colors.  After that, it's a simple tap to roll the dice.  The program handles re-rolls easily, if a bit wonkily.  Once you have your dice rolled, you press and hold on a die to highlight all the dice, then you un-hilight the ones you want to keep.  The dice that stay highlighted are re-rolled when you hit the roll button.  At the top of the rolling screen you get a summary of the results making it very handy to count hits.

  Since you can have multiple layouts, you can have particular layouts for specific units.  Since you can add multiple color dice to each layout, you can have them separated by weapon type or whatever you need. You can also add new dice as you go in each layout, so it is very flexible and easy to use in a game situation.  You can also 'trash' dice easily if you go down a few hits due to casualties...

  There is also a scatter die screen with a pretty nice visual reference of the direction.  Kinda cool!

  When all is said and done, it is very handy, well programmed, even if the interface is a little wonky in certain places.

  As a side note, the first version of the program did have a problem on re-rolls, where the dice would hit other dice and change their faces, this has been fixed and it no longer does that, so have no fear.

  The roller is set up for 40k, but it is quite simple to use for other games with D6s as well. 

  Overalll, this one gets an A- from me.  Only because the interface is slightly odd in spots.  But it is very good in all other ways.  I only wish they had a D10 option.