Thursday, May 26, 2016

Molding an airbrush custom handle with Sugru

  Hey guys,

  Just wanted to share a quick post/tip.  I have a Sotar 20/20 airbrush and I love the comfort handle it has.  Unfortunately, neither my Iwata Eclipse or H&S Infinity have the same thing.  Then I thought about the packets of Sugru I have sitting around.  5 minutes later, I have a nice comfort grip on the brush.  It's actually better than the Sotar, because it is much softer.

  If you don't know, Sugru is a moldable rubber product that you use to do lots of things with.  It dires in about 24 hours and becomes very rubbery, not solid and hard.  It's great for molding handles onto things, I've also used it to make x-acto blade handles more comfortable and less "rolly".  Here is a link to the product on Amazon.

  Anyhow, you just knead it a while, shape it to what you want then apply it.  It sticks to jut about anything (but it can be removed if you hate what you did...).   So I shaped it, put it on the airbrush then went through the motions of using it to get the fit right.  Then I just let it cure overnight and presto, instant comfortable airbrush handle. 

  So, that's it.  Hope it helps somebody!