Sunday, March 22, 2015

Markers for 40k games - Easy as cake

  Hey guys!  Just wanted to share a quick piece of work I did the last couple of weeks, markers for my 40k game.  Now, the reason for these is simple, I forget everything, good and bad.  I forget if I moved with jump packs in the movement phase, I forget ever-living etc. I would forget my dice if I didn't have a huge game tote to bring everything in.

 So, enter the fine folk at Objective Secured who made fantastic markers for Infinity.  So, I stole the idea and used it for 40k (and soon for Dropzone Commander as well.)

  Turns out, these are dead easy to make!  All you need is your favorite art program, some bottle cap inserts from amazon and patience.

I made three sheets so far, but I will be making more as time goes on.  I just played a game of dropzone commander and I saw a huge need for these in that game as well.   Here are the sheets made in the YouTube video...  Download links are after the jump break.

Instructions and more photos after the jump break... 

You really need;

Bottle caps, I used the 1 inch, but you can do what you feel.  Here is the amazon link;

100 pcs 1" Clear Epoxy Adhesive Circles Dome Bottle Cap Seals Stickers 2mm Thick

You will also need a 1" hole punch, available from your local hobby warehouse store (Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc.)

  Now, just draw your art, make it as nice or as easy as you please, cut out the disks, stick on the bottle caps (they are adhesive) and voila!

Make a sheet of marker goodness, I cut mine into strips for easier punching

Use the hole punch to cut them out.
Stick on the cool bottle cap thingies

Here are the sheets I have made so far.  Hope you like them or find some use (beyond the bathroom, that is...)

Sheet #1

Sheet #2

Sheet #3