Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice and snow and wind, oh my...

Well, here I am again, almost 11 days from the lat update.  It’s been a BUSY time, we have been rolling every day, getting just legal breaks and heading out again.  This is the life of the dedicated run.

As the title might suggest, we have run into alot of weather - NOT.  Actually, it’s been high and dry most of the time.  Lucky for me in one respect, but unlucky, since I would like to learn to drive on snow and ice with Robert.  My time in training is quickly coming to an end.  Looks like I’ll be done Thursday with time.  I’ll surely miss having Robert around to help out, but you have to cut the cord sometime.  I just hope I have managed to remember half of what he has taught me.

I have managed to keep Robert amused with my visions of phantom ice on the road everywhere.  He has the patience of Job, thank god.  He gets a kick out of my over cautious-ness at times, but he is pushing me to get over it.  It’s working, albeit slowly.

Looks like I’ll spend Christmas at home, then go to upgrade after that.  Then I’ll be a solo driver, making money and trying to figure out what the hell is going on!  Luckily I have Robert on Speed Dial!  The poor guy is going to be haunted by me for a LONG time.

I find myself wondering what kind of truck I’ll get after I upgrade.  I like the Volvo, but Robert thinks I’d be better in a Freightliner.  He says they turn tighter and have better headlights.  I’ll bow to his convictions and hope I get one as well.

Sitting in a motel in Phoenix right now, watching MNF.  Not a bad life, I guess :)

Went and saw “I am Legend” today.  Not at all what I expected, but a good movie nonetheless.  Very good performance from Will Smith (again).  Worth a watch, methinks.

Oh well, time to study for my upgrade test.

See ya soon!