Friday, December 28, 2012

Desks and Buildings and Battlescapes... oh my

Delphia, all broke... a sad panda
A while back, there was a night.  A very hellish night.  Lots of things happened, but the end result was this.  My computer desk's glass top exploded into a gozillion pieces and Delphia took a nose dive.  (Delphia is my 27" iMac
with the i7 processor, 16GB RAM and all the bells and whistles).  This was a bad night.  Not only did I spend bowling league night cleaning up broken glass, but I had to sweat out whether or not the Apple guys could fix her again.  Long story short, I got wayyyy lucky.  It was only the glass, and they had one left (yes, 1, uno, singular... the last one) in stock. The great guys at the Apple store in ABQ uptown got it replaced lickety-split and I was off back home in short order.

The horror... the horror
of, course, I had to come home to this...

Glass everywhere and a ton of cleaning to do.

I did get some hobby working done, though, even with all that.  It's not much, but I did get some work done on my Imperial Sector and my Battlescape.  The sector building looks ok, I think.  I do like the way the battlescape came out, and it makes me mad that I didn't stuff some green stuff into the tree joints.  Oh well, live and learn.  I'm getting better at this all the time.

Go ahead and click them to see the bigger image...

That's all for today...  Enjoy!