Sunday, December 30, 2012

The guns of December

So, I took a break from the warhammer 40k modeling this December to make a Christmas Present for a friend.  I've had this cannon kit for some time and decided it would make a great gift if I could make a diorama out of it.

This is a James Cannon from the pre-civil war era.  These were the guns that were originally smooth bore, but were then rifled to extend their range (and useful life).  I decided to make the diorama from the Shiloh battlefield.  The kit was relatively easy to make, but needed a lot of cleanup.  There was a lot of metal nubs to clip and general cleanup to do.

It is a finely detailed kit, and once it was painted up nicely, it really did look good.  The diorama was inspired by some photos I found at the Shiloh museum site.

Here are some shots...