Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review - Laser Cut Card 'Cyborg Monolith' - Awesome!

  I have had this card stock kit from Laser Cut Card for a while now, just have not had time to build it.  Boy am I sorry, this is great stuff.

  I had a Sunday night off (no mothers day here, we're monster-less :) so I looked for something to knock together.  There on my desk was my envelope from South Africa (where Laser Cut Card resides) and I decided to do it.

  It looked slightly intimidating at first, but reading through the steps on the instructions at the website made it look easier.  I have to say that Neal must have put a great deal of thought into his design, because it goes together without a hitch.  Super simple, easy to build and very forgiving of a guy with little manual dexterity and lacking modeling talent.

  The instructions on the website are clear and concise, but they lacked any information on painting.  That kinda sucked 'cuz I spent quite a while looking.  In the end I decided just to airbrush regular acrylic paint onto them.  It seems to have worked well, but we'll see if there is any warping as the paint sets overnight.  I am betting it won't, or I'm sure Neal would have warned users not to do it.

  Hint - If he says to do or not do something, he means it.  Tolerances are very tight and everything fits well if you 'do it his way'.  I won't bore you with tutorial steps on assembly, I'll just put in some pics showing where I deviated because of the paint job I wanted on mine.

  All in all, I give this kit a big A or 9.5 (I hate giving perfect scores, it tends to cheapen the scale, I think).  It went together, paint and all, in just a couple of hours.  A sharp knife and some super glue is all you really need for a great looking terrain piece / objective for your Necron game table.  Easy to build, fun to build and paint, what more can you ask for?

  I am now totally looking forward to building the 'cyborg defense line' for my next game, since I really haven't painted my Aegis defense line yet...

Pics Follow....

The two tone paint job I sprayed on.  I needed the light blue for the inset areas and rather than brush paint it, I cheated and sprayed the body.  Works great.

  These are the side covers for the kit.  Also the dots and pieces for the Necro... I mean Cyborg symbology.   In retrospect, I should have painted the edges as well, as these needed to be touched up and you can see in later pictures where I didn't do it.

  The alternate top.  There is also a top in the kit that has a crystal that is remarkably similar to a monolith made by a different company and used in a tabletop miniatures game also.  Wild coincidence.  I went with the flat top because I have a gem I plan to use on this top.

  The aforementioned gem in place.

  I like it.  It is going to fit in well with my forces and my Necron Tomb World terrain boards.