Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jumping on the CSM/Chaos Bandwagon

  Ok, ok, so I did it.  I jumped on the bandwagon of the old Chaos/CSM steam train.  It's not like I wanted to, it's Chaos damnit, it worms it's way in, it finds ways into your day.  It didn't hurt that a friend was selling his Chaos army and the price was right.

  I got a heck of deal on this army, and having already tried it once, I like the way it played.  And get this, I played without a Heldrake.  Now, I did go buy a Heldrake, and it is on the list to build, but for now, I like what I have.

  Oh yeah, here is the stuff I got.

  • Daemon Prince (Metal, painted)

  • Abaddon (Metal, Primed)
Fabius Bile (Metal)
Kharne the Betrayer (Metal)

  • Ahriman (Metal)
Lucius the Eternal (Metal)

  • 2x Chaos Sorcerers (Metal, Different models, 1 painted)

  • Chaos Lord (Metal, Painted)

  • Chaos Lord in Term Armor (Metal, with extra set of arms)

  • 17 Chaos Space Marines (Mix of painted, primed and non-primed)

  • 1 Chaos Space Marine with Banner (Metal)
6 Chaos Terminators (Metal, 2 have Reapers, all primed)
12 Khorne Berserkers (1 painted, 11 Base Coated)

  • 1 Khorne Berzerker on Steed (Metal, Primed) 

  • 7 Plague Marines (Metal)

  • 7 Possessed (5 Metal, I have box)

  • 1 Noise Marine? (Metal guy, big gun)

  • 5 Raptors (Metal in box)

  • 2 Obliterators (Metal)

  • 1 Chaos Rhino (Primed, well used)

  • 2 Defilers (1 primed)

  • 1 Chaos Land Raider (Needs some assembly)

  • 1 Daemon Bloodletter of Khorne (Metal, primed, missing a wing)
5 Daemon Hounds (Metal, primed)

  • Various Chaos bits

  • Chaos side of Dark Vengeance Limited box
  Yep, that makes a good start for a CSM force, and some of it gets well used into a Chaos force that is on my mind.  While this force is heavily Khorne-ish, I will be taking it down the road of Tzeentch. 

  What I really like is that most of it metal, love the metal figs, really.  The plastic is great, but I like the heft of the metal figs.

  So, some of this goes to the stripper barrel right away, but a lot can just hit the paint line now. Ahhh, the joys of Chaos!!!!

  No game this weekend, had a trip to Ruidoso for some cabin/camping/getting away from it all...  Back to BatReps soon, I hope!