Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Apocalypse Collectors Edition Unboxing - Pictures

  Ok, who's a sucker... who's a sucker?  That's right, I am!  Games Workshop said, "Look, it's shiny and new!" and I said - "Take mah money!!!".  Well, they did, and I did and so on.

  Yes, I know at $250, this is WAY overpriced, but I just loved the advert movie trailer and had to have one.  It just oozes immersion in the world, and I like it, so blast me for it, but it's here and I thought I might share the unboxing of it all.  It is very cool.  I will also try to justify my purchase as we go... LOL.

Here we go....

 Ok, so this is not a toy or childrens product.  Good thing, because I didn't want to spend that kinda money on a damn kiddie product!

  The first of three boxes.  Jeebus but they did pack this thing safely.  Very nice, when you think about the cost.  Last thing you want is all dinged up corners and such.  The took a lot of care here to make sure it arrived safely.

   Looking past the second, into the third box.  Bubble wrap too.  I'm saving that for something I sell on e-bay... to help pay for the collector's edition...

  Wooooo hoooo, hit paydirt there.  There it is in all it's glory.  Very solid and quality feel to the box and not cheap at all.  The covers are embossed and reliefed, so it's quite cool.  First impression is "way freaking cool!!!"

   That cover is just cool.  Inquisition, anyone?  (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...)

   Has a little height to it.  Not huge, but good sized.

 Open the cover and there is the limited edition certification.  1339, hmmm, 2 away from being 'leet.  Oh well, it is still very cool and captures the flavor and feel of the 41st millenia.

   And the contents.  Very cool.  Those are not 'normal' sized rulebooks.  They are a good bit smaller than that. 
  The rulebook is 8.25" x 6" (Approx 21cm x 15.5cm).  It's a very handy size and I can see this will be a lot handier than using that big-arse hulking Apoc rulebook.  This contains just the rules for the Apoc systems and nothing else.  The formations and fluff and such all come later.

   Nice bookmark, as always and the pages are silver gilt edged.  Very nice touch.  I'm thinking a good $150 for that right there... LOL :)

   The reference folder laid out on the chart side...  $50 bill right there.  All the charts and tables needed are on here, same size as the rulebook, so it's quite handy.

   And the big picture side.  You can't just buy really long art like that... another $50 bill.   

   The formation cards pack...  Plastic wrapped for your protection!

   And the cards themselves.  Now these really are handy.  Rather than making wonky photocopies or putting sticky notes all over the rulebook, you can just go in, grab the ones you need and leave the rest in the box.  These are not punched for any kind of binder, that would make them not fit back in the box, but I could see carefully punching them for use with a ring or two to make them even handier.

   Now, on to level two.  I have removed the above components and pulled out the tray they ride in to reveal the next level of immersive awesomeness.  On the right is the strategic asset cards, and a crap ton of them. Good heavy stock and 63 in number.

   The cards have nice art on the back, and they are all black with a light grey / silver print on them.  Better have good light in your Apoc area or these will be hard to read.  This may be the only ding here, but I hate that choice of colour.

 The rest of the bottom.  The 2 warzone books (Armageddon and the extra, Pandorax, exclusive to the collectors edition, for a while... lol.  there is another $150 value...  LOL).  Armageddon is the same from the book, and the Pandorax is all new, at least to me. 

  The binding on the warzone books is a string binding that is pretty cool to use and look at.  I like it, it's out of the ordinary and looks more like something produced hastily in the 41st millenium for a briefing, rather than a standard old 3rd millenium perfect bound codex supplement.

   Last, but not least is the crazy bound Pluvian's Fighting Formations book.  This is the fluff and pictures section from the rulebook, but bound in a continuous strip of paper so you can literally fold it out for many feet.  Great for those overleaf and panorama photos.

  So there you have it, the Collector's Edition unboxed.  Was it worth $250?  Oh hell no, you knew that already.  But for me, the cool factor and the VERY nice features of this box make it worth it just for the immersion and the authentic feel.  Nothing in this box feels cheap or flimsy.  I like the size reduction of the books, that will make using it much easier and a lot of thought went into how to separate things into the different books.  It all works together.  So for pure product, nowhere near the $250 price tag (it's just the rulebook and asset cards, after all), but for pure enjoyment and immersion, yeah, it's pretty darn close to that price.

  If you have any questions about this set, feel free to ask. 

  See ya soon, I have to go work in the mines now to help pay for this... LOL.