Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tool time - Glass Rocks - Multitaskers!

  Just a quickie here, wanted to share a very cool tool I use a lot around here.  They have these bags of glass 'rocks' at hobby lobby, probably at Michael's too.  I would imagine something like them appears at any store that has crafting supplies.  These were found in the wedding area, of all places.

  In the bag is a bunch of very small to medium sized glass rocks.  They are not sharp at all and there is a multitude of sizes and shapes in the bag.  At around $5 (US) they are pretty cheap and you get a lot.

  What do they do?  Lots.

1.  They are great for scenery, terrain and other things like that.  By themselves they look pretty cool, but if you take just a small dot of paint on the 'bottom' of the rocks before you glue them down, you can get some nice colored reflections.  Good for Necron and/or Eldar crystals and such.  Experiment with metallics and colors to get some cool effects. 

2.  Paint mixers.  Yep.  I have a small container of these at my paint station and whenever I open a new GW paint pot, I toss a couple of the larger rocks in there.  (I also use a sharpie to mark the top of the pot so I know that pot already has a mixer in it.)  Now, when I use my patented, super amazing paint mixer, I get a better paint mix.  The glass is nice because, unlike metal, it does not corrode or leech into the paint pot, ruining the color.  I used to use BBs for mixing, but they ruined several pots and I learned not to use metal of any kind.

3.  Floating things...  after all, they are very small rocks... (if you don't know Monty Python, that makes no sense...)

That's all for now, just thought I would share that.

Ciao for now.