Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Necrons with Lollipops, or masking with Silly Putty

  Well, not exactly lollipops, but the first time I looked at at this setup, it struck me as a good title.

  A while back I saw a video from Les Bursley on his youtube channel about using silly putty to mask figs and how easy it was.  Well, I had just painted up Nemessor Zhandrek and Vargard Obyron and done a feeble attempt with ghost tints and power weapons, so I wanted to mask that area off before I hit the figs with dullcote (Or in this case, Army Painter Matte finish spray)

  I rolled out the silly putty into a thin sheet with my clay rolling pin and then cut out some sheets;

  After that, it was a simple matter of wrapping up the weapons and spraying the figs.  Very easy and very effective.  Getting the putty off was pretty easy, and it left no trace at all, and certainly did not pull up any paint.  Thanks Les!

The final version, pretty amateurish, but as I try new things, I get better...  yay!

Thanks, and see ya round!  Roll 6's!