Monday, August 5, 2013

Mysterious Terrain - The Dead Pools


  Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately, but it was a crazy week.  The big news is that my new gaming table is almost done!  That will be a huge post all by itself, so I shant dwell on that.  I have done a lot of side work though...

  • I set up a KanBan board (thanks to Carl at Independent Characters for that one...)
  • I started a forest piece (with magnetized trees, more to come)
  • I built a crap-ton of Eldar and got some of them primed...
  • And I built some mysterious terrain pieces (maybe lethal terrain even!)
  Now, in the spirit of total transparency, I stole this idea directly from Nick at IDICBeer.  He has a GREAT YouTube channel and blog, I recommend you check it out.  He has a ton of great tips and tricks and he is very easy to listen to in the background.  Here are his links;

  In his video about lethal terrain, he covers how to make this effect using PVA glue and super glue.  The two have a chemical reaction and the result is very interesting.   The glue looks like it is boiling up after it dries, very cool.  But in his video, he was able to just pour the glue onto the cardboard and it stayed in place.  On my first attempt, I had Elmer's glue all over hell and creation.  I knew I had to change tactics.

  So here is how I changed Nick's idea, just a tad.  I won't say improved, I will just say changed.  here goes.

  I grabbed some bits from the box, Tyranid, Space marine and Necron bits.  Painted them up really quickly, no special work here.  Any resemblance to Space Wolves is purely intentional :)

  Here is where I changed things.  My base is 1/8" thick MDF (available at home supply stores, cheap cheap) that I used my scroll saw to cut into random shapes.  Then I mixed up some plaster of paris (Any plaster will do) and laid it around the edges.  This would become the 'dam' that would hold the PVA glue in place and not all over my workbench, carpet, living room, dog etc...

  So, here is the wet glue, safely inside the plaster dam with the bits added and the super glue droppered onto the surface.  The boiling effect is ongoing.  This step takes FOREVER to dry.  Mine didn't clear up completely for 2 days.  (It has been humid here...)

  After they dried, it was time to wash the pools.  For the red pool, I used Carionburg Crimson shade from GW, applied liberally.  The green was Biel-Tan Wash, also from GW.  The plaster was washed with acrylic paints of the right color.  I just did this in case any of the scenery sand flakes off.  After all that was dry, I hit it with gloss varnish (GW 'ardcoat will do, but I used golden High Gloss medium because it's cheaper)

  And lastly, I added scenery sand to the edges to cover the plaster and give a decent transition from the board to the dead pool.

 Voila!  You now have mysterious terrain, or lethal terrain, or a funky looking lake to use.  Thanks Nick and IDICBeer!!!  Great idea, I hope I didn't screw it up for anyone!

See ya!