Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The ForgeWorld order arrives... Munitorum Battlepack and more

  Just a quick note to say (to the American audience) Happy Thanksgiving and get ready for some reviews, because the Forge World order came in.

  Here is the list of new toys...

Fire Raptor Gunship
Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre
Imperial Armor Masterclass Vol 1
Imperial Armor Masterclass Vol 2
Necron Scarab Swarm
Eldar Vehicle Upgrade pack

and from the boys at GW...  the Munitorum Battlepack.

  So far, all the forge world stuff looks GREAT, but I am rather disappointed with the Munitorum Battlepack.  I had thought might fit a KR Cardstock case inside it, but alas, it does not.  Also, it is not made from exceptional high quality material.  It is not cheap, and I don't think it will come apart any time, soon, I can certainly promise you it is NOT worth the $100 price tag.  So, learn from my mistakes people, don't piss money away on this thing!!!!

  That being said, I can see where it will be useful as a pack anyhow.  The side pockets are very large and deep, easy to see the templates going into there without effort.  It does have a certain very World War I feeling to it, like the rest of the munitorum stuff.  I do like the way it all conjures up images of the WWI stuff.  The warnings and imagery on the outside are pretty cool as well.  But, it is not worth the $100 by any stretch of the imagination.

  I also picked up photo resist etching kit from Micro-Mark to try out for making small parts I need for my home-brew chapter iconography.  It's gonna be a busy few months!

Author's Edit

  Well, that was a bit WRONG!!!  I meant to say it would not fit TWO KR Cardstock cases inside, it handles 1 without any problem...  I'm sorry if I messed anybody up...