Friday, December 6, 2013

Got my OGRE Designers Edition... unboxing

  Yeah, yeah, I know the kick starters have been out for a while, and the really cool kids have theirs already, but I just got mine from my FLGS (Active Imagination... Thanks Ben!!) and is it ever COOL!  I said I would do an unboxing for them, and I am, and I will...  And it will be my first ever video unboxing, so you all get to laugh your butts off as I meander through a video...

  The first thing you'll notice, this game is FREAKING HUGE.  The box is 2 feet wide, 20 inches high and about 6 inches thick.  It weighs 23.7 pounds.  Yes, that's more than the turkey you ate on Thanksgiving!!  It is HUGE.  Everything looks very high quality, and a lot of thought went into it, you can tell.  On the OGRE website, there is a ton of resources and fun stuff to download and enjoy as well.  You can get all the rules, scenarios, record sheets etc for free...  (Learn this GW... learn thissssssss).

  So, here is the 5 minute video, then I will put in the pictures after the jump...

  Quit laughing, jeez, it's my first video...  Pics after the jump.... and .... jump

  Ok, here we go.  The picture by picture unboxing, with commentary.

 This is a MONSTER of a game...  24 Inches wide, 20 inches tall, 6 inches deep and <drum roll> 23.7 pounds!  Holy Merde!
 The counters and such are shrink wrapped to the bottom of the box, amazing.  There was not room IN the box for all the counters!
 Cool poster you get with the game.  Remember, you're getting all this for $99 (minus whatever discount you may get at your FLGS or retailer...)
 4 huge packs of counters.  In the "Read Me First" page they caution you NOT to start punching the counters.  To quote the sheet "This leads to madness".  Listen to Steve Jackson, Learn from Steve Jackson, Steve Jackson is your friend...
 Close up of a counter sheet.  How cool is this stuff?  Good thick counters too, Fantasy Flight Games style, only cooler, cuz they're OGRE counters.

 Opening the box leads you to these two barrels full of awesome sauce.  Yes, those are HUGE counter trays.  And they are made of tough plastic with backing, like a clam shell package, so they will hold up under usage.
 Close up of the counter tray... did I not say awesome sauce???
 Rules, scenarios, reference cards etc.
 The two original map boards.  These are packed on top of the HUGE sets of other maps.
 This is just one of the maps unfolded.  There are 7 more JUST like this one.  Hugeness in cardboard.
 The dice... close up.  Even they are big.  (Maybe Steve is compensating???)
The plastic insert in the box, it too, has descriptions of what goes into each cutout.  

  Yes fold, this is one sweet game.  But why am I here talking to you?  I should be punching counters and learning to play...  See ya!!!