Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Space Marines Codex: Ultima Edition Unboxing (Vid and Pix)

  As you, my good gentle-readers know, I am a sucker for anything collectible.  You could probably bag crap, if you labeled it correctly, I just might jump on it.

  This time, it was the Games Workshop, Space Marines Codex: Ultima Edition.  (Only 129 left, get yours NOW!  LOL)

  And because I am finding it funnerer and funnerer to do videos, I made you all a great little video unboxing of the package.  I really didn’t do a video, it's more a like a slideshow with narration, but I have been pretty sick lately and I didn't want anyone to catch anything viral from my video...  So, without further ado, here is the video I made, for you's guys...

  After the break, there is a all the pictures and the text review for those who hate youtube, or videos or both.

  All in all, I have to say I am not disappointed with the product, nor do I think it is worth the $250.  I think $200 would have been stretching it a bit.  But product wise, it's very cool.  High production value and lots of little extras.  Not as much as a forge world book, but not too bad.

  So, here is the break, and off we go into the pictures...

Not for children, only for adults with more $$ than sense!!

Yeah, $250 smackers... right in da kisser.  Kinda like getting gut punched by a small kid when you don't expect it.

Hey... that looks pretty cool.  Hang on a minute!!
Rear Cover Art
Front Cover Art

The front cover art (and rear from the next shot) are very nice.  The entire case is coated with something that feels like rubber, it makes it feel hefty (which it is) and solid.  Very nice presentation!

Opening up the magnetic lock presents you with some great art, and the first of 4 books inside.  All very impressive!

 The first two books are the Galaxis and the Codex itself.  The next two are the  Illuminatus and the Adeptus Astartes.

  Lets jump into the books, shall we?

   The Adeptus Astartes book is the Armies of Parade book of the four, or the catalogue, as I like to call it.  Very nice, spear photographs of all the models in the Space Marines range and very inspiring paint work.  A lot of close-ups I have not seen anywhere else.

  The Illuminatus is next.  This is a collection of the codex and Space Marine art from various places.  Very cool, all the art is attributed and some of it is very, very cool.  Another inspirational book.

Note the black edge binding, a very cool touch

  The codex, the heart of the matter is next.  It is a very nice edition, with a bookmark (lol :) and some very nice black edge binding.  I should note that the overleaf of every book is imprinted with some enchanting words from everyones favorite rotting god, the Emperor of Mankind! <cheeers....  Cheeeeers>  The book is very sturdy, like most of their products and seems to be the same as the others released. Will have to wait a bit to compare it.

  Last, but certainly not least, the Galaxis.

  Yes, it's our galaxy, at least from a 40k viewpoint.  It's a nice, poster sized map with some very nice details added in from the map printed in the codex.  More detail everywhere.  It is creased though, and that will make framing it and hanging it up rather annoying.

  So, there you have it!  The ultimo edition in video and pictures.

See ya soon!!!