Saturday, February 8, 2014

The latest Forgeworld order arrives

  Yipee!  The new Forgeworld order came in and boy am I jazzed.  This order was highlighted by The Land Raider Achilles.  Wowza...  Just imagine, Land Raider with Thunderfire cannon awesomesauce on top.  As long as there are no enemy AT equipment out there, this will RULE!!!  (So, I will never play against the hellturkey!!)  But really, I think if used right, this will be a nice, and very fluffy addition to my Templars Sanguine Army.  Right next to the Reaver Titan, raining fiery, hot death on all enemies of the Imperium!!!!

  It makes no sense to have a cool piece of armor like that and no rules, so I had to get...  Imperial Armour Volume Two – Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes.  This book is so very cool, it hurts.  The art is fantastic, and a lot of it is never before seen stuff.  Some of the pictures are, of course, photoshop mash-ups that put the gear into war scenes, but they are so well executed that you really feel like you are reading a historical piece on a real vehicle.  Virtually every vehicle also has a full page sheet of "Adeptus Mechaniucus Vehicle Specifications", all fluff here but so well executed.  You get, of course, all the rules and where they fit into the scheme of 40k, be it a tank, heavy, super heavy, lord of war, etc.  The book also has Sisters of Battle equipment and Grey Knigh/Inquisition chapters as well.  Dreadnoughts, Air vehicles, you name it' it's here.  The fluff is beautifully done and the rules are all incorporated from the GW/FW sources.  Yes, it is a "compendium" of other sources, but it does keep you from having to lug around 6 books, in favor of this one.  This is a MUST have if you play/plan to play with any FW stuff.

  And because I am futzing around with the Templar Sanguine fluff again, I had to get one of these and his little buddies...  It is the old Air Defense Command Platform along with it's buddy, the Air Defense Missile Launcher forming everyone's favorite Hyperios Air Defense System.  Now who just doesn't love that?

These were picked up for a scenario I am thinking about in my head for an all out defense against an all out attack, Apocalypse style.

 More, after the jump...

The rest of the purchases were just things to get going, and fill gaps in things I needed, or wanted.
 Yep, I wanted the Apoc book, just for all the cool fluffiness and the review I heard on the Independent Characters.  Thanks Carl....
 Who doesn't need Shells for all these bases I have to build?  And why didn't I buy them from any number of cheaper sources???  Ugh!!!
   Servo skulls, can you ever really have enough?
 Open ammo crates, for that fluffy addition to your terrain boards!
   Damnable XENOS!   Kill them ALL!!!!  Ok ok, the wife wanted these.

  Tarantula with Heavy Bolters (top) and a Tarantula with LasCannons (Bottom).  Again, these are for the scenario I have rattling around in my noggin.

  Well, you'll be seeing more of these, trust me!  For now, it's off to recover from Day 1 of my bowling tournament.  (no, I did not do well...)