Thursday, January 30, 2014

The 3,453rd quick and easy stone base idea!

   Howdy folks.  I know, I know, there are about a gozillion "EASY" ways to make stone bases for the minis.  Here is gozillion and 1.  But no, really, this is really easy, and fun, and simple...

  At the railroad hobby stores they have plastic sheets with textures already imprinted on them.  These textures are very deep cut and are perfectly easy to use as press molds.  Here are the simple steps;

1.  Get a sheet of stone, brick, cobblestone or whatever you like.  I got mine from Caboose Hobbies.  Mine is called "Crazy Paving" and it is a G-Scale material.
2. Get some epoxy putty.  I used milliput white for these bases.  Mix it up, roll it out or whatever you have to do and put a big glop onto the base.  Get your fingers wet and smooth it out.  You don't have to be too smooth, just enough to make a good impression.

3. The sheets are HUGE, about 1ft x 1ft, so you'll have plenty of different areas to choose from.  Spray the area you want to have with some WD-40 (Which is, incidentally, the worlds best mold release for virtually anything.)
 4. Press the base into it and roll it around a bit.  You want to be sure to get it all impressed.  It's pretty easy if the epoxy putty is still a bit soft.

5. Remove the base, let dry overnight and paint to your heart content.  These really are just that easy, and one sheet of the "crazy Paving" will last several armies.  They are big enough to not make the same base twice, ever.
And that's all there is to it.  Super simple, and easy, and fun, and inexpensive and it's Internet basing idea #3,454!!