Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2 Quick WiPs - Storm Eagle and Podcast

  Had a little chance to work on the interior of the Storm Eagle recently.  Still have to dirty it up, after all, it is a troop transport ;)

  I also need to magnetize the doors, I think I will have to resort to the crossbar idea again.  There is just not enough 'meat' anywhere else to mount magnets.

  And, the plans for the Podcast are moving forward.  It is not a 40k podcast, there are already too many of those, but it is more about board and counter wargaming.  Oi, this is going to be an adventure...

  Just some of the toys I invested in :)

  See ya soon, sicker than a dog today, can't keep anything down...  I blame the wife, she's been home 3 days with this crud...