Wednesday, September 3, 2014

40k Podcasts - Mini-Review and opinions

  Howdy folks!  I am an avid podcast listener.  I listen while at my computer, and I have a laptop in the hobby room for watching youtube painting videos and listening to podcasts as well.  What follows is just some musings on the podcasts that are out there and the ones I like.

  If I don't mention a podcast, it's because I have nothing nice to say, or I haven't listened enough to make a decent opinion.

The Independant Characters (Yes, Carl, I spelled it with an A just to make you mad :)   The hands down favorite for me.  They cover something fun on every show and they have a certain style and 'savoir-faire' about them.  They cover topics and issues without degenerating into nerd-rage.  I think of them as one of the few podcasts for adults.  I think it is also one of the best edited shows out there.  Along with the overlords, my favourite by far.

The 11th Company. Serious info for serious gamers and stuff.  Seriously, these guys put on a good show and talk alot about the nuts and bolts.  They sometimes go into nerd-raging hate radio, but usually it's for a reason.  If you listen to all they have to say, you will learn some things and you will discover fun new ways to look at stuff.

Screaming Heretics.  An infuriatingly excellent podcast.  Infuriating because alot of times it boils down to hate-radio and there are times it goes completely into chaos, but most of the time, it is pretty well thought out and organized.  This podcast is alot like a group of friends sitting around talking, each with their own thoughts and opinions.  You may not agree with all of them, but the discussion is usually lively, alcohol infused and fun.  More often than not, it's just fun listening to Joe try to control the group (focus!!) :)

Signals from the FrontLine.  Reece Robbins and the Frontline gaming crew (Team0comp).  This is a short (30 minutes-ish) Tuesday and Saturday show.  These guys are the shizzle, for realz.  Reece does everything in the hobby, store owner, tournament organizer,  tournament player.  They have the real chops and when they say it, you can take it to the bank.  The show is fast, hard hitting and fun.  Reece and Frankie really play off each other and Frankie always manages to pronounce something wrong, and Reece loves it...  A great listen.

Imperial Vox Cast.  Brilliant show.  These guys take a topic, codex or something and really pull it apart.  Lots of really in depth knowledge and tons of fun.  They are engaging and fun to listen to.   

After Ullanor.  Wow!  All I can say is wow!  This one is way different.  They don't cover the hobby (much) but they cover the Horus Heresy book series from Black Library.  And I do mean they cover it.  They do one episode per book (or more, depending on the book) and they really cover it.  If you have not read the books, do not listen, because they will tell the whole story during the recap and discussion.  They go deep into the bowels of the books, and how the book moves the storyline and how it interacts with other fiction.  Seriously good podcast!  

Forge The Narrative.  I have just started this podcast, having been a lurker for a while on the Monday night YouTube show they do.  It's very good and I like the way they cover the hobby and almost never go to the hate-radio/nerd rage aspect.  They stress alot about having fun and making the game your own.  More people should take this tack :)

Noobhammer / ODAM.  This is actually 2 podcasts, and they are both pretty fun and engaging to listen to.  Definitely worth a listen to, both of them.  They may or may not be your cup of tea.  I enjoy the banter and the atmosphere here.

Life after the Cover Save. Another one that you have to make up your own mind about.  Some days it is awesome, others it can be very iffy.  The guys are very experienced and have alot to say.          

The Overlords.  Bang on podcast.  Simply one of the 2-3 best 40k podcasts out there.  Pure Brit thought and a little US invasion :)  If I could only have 2 podcast in my life, it would be Independent Characters and this one!!

  There are others, and some that I just will not listen to, because they are morons, or they are filled with to much hate radio/nerd rage.  There also probably some I have missed totally...  let me know...

Next time...  You-Tube channels worth watching!!!  :)