Tuesday, November 25, 2014

GW Project Box and more...

  Okay, okay so I'm weak.  I am also a sucker.  Sue me :)

  I did it, I ordered one of these project boxes and the cutting mat that goes into it.  I just had to it.  Mostly because of Sundays.  Sundays means Football or NASCAR in my house, and that means sitting in the living room, not the hobby room.  I reasoned that if I had a handy-dandy project box, I could do stuff in the living room while I watched... yeah, that was it.  So I took the plunge.  While I know it's not for everyone, and it is a pretty 'useless' extravagance, it is kinda cool... kinda.  And because I ordered other stuff too, it came in this awesome GW-40k awesome re-giftable box of 40k goodness!

  The cutting mat is... well, a cuting mat.  It is neither exciting nor ground-breaking in any way, but it certainly has that cutting mat property and is self healing.  It does, indeed, fit into the little niche provided for it in the lid of the project box. 

  The "palette pad" is just glossy paper that paint won't seem to let the paint soak in.  For that matter, it will not function as a wet palette either, so I would advise avoiding those.

  The gift box is, well, it's kind of awesome.  It has great art and great symbology on the outside and the inside!  It has a sealing strip and easy opening zip-top, so you can use it as a great gift box for that someone special in your 40k world.  After the jump, there are a bunch of pictures with captions so you can see what I mean.

  The project box is also pretty cool.  When you open the locking sides, the top comes off to reveal... the inside.  The top flips to be a work station and has some great designs cast into it.  It has little feet to protect your desk or table, but I may have to swap them out for some rubber feet to keep the 'slide' factor down.

  Just inside is the paint tray that holds a crap-ton of paints (49) and is removable, so if your current project doesn’t include paints, you can leave that behind.  Inside is open wells for glues, tools and other stuff, including your project that you're working on in the project box... hence the name.

  I thought, at first, that the tool holder design, with the raised 'ramps' was a bit of space waster, but I actually found it was handy to see the tools and brushes pretty easily and grab the 'safe' parts rather than the cutty-stabby bits.  (When you have 50 year old eyes, that's handy...)

  There is a lot of room in the box for stuff, and the locking lid makes it kind of handy.  I can see tossing this in the car for the weekend getaways so I can some work done when wifey goes to sleep.

  Is it for everyone?... no.  Is it pretty decently designed and useful?... yes.  Is it a 'must have ground-breaking 40k improving thing'?... nope.  Would it make a decent gift?... yes.  Will your 40k circle of friends laugh at you for having one... probably :)  But screw them, it's your life.

  If you have to take your toys on the road, or need to switch rooms now and then, get one, it's just cool enough to work for that.  (oh, and make a wet palette according to my instructional video and use that...)

  After the jump, tons of pictures and captions...

Hmmm, I opened the right side... somebody at GW was hung over

A cool gift card you can use...

Have an Orky Christmas

Gift box art

Gift box has a seal-able adhesive strip and quick zip opener

Very cool interior art

A cutting mat that is guaranteed to just sit there. and get cut on...

I'm sooo excited, can't wait to open it!

Nice details on the pop off lockable tray/lid

Nobody on the bus/train/plane will be freaked out by this, really....

The paint rack comes out, but snuggles in nicely and still leaves room for figs and more

The full interior, the 'ramp' tool holders are more useful than they might seem

And room for other stuff too

The lid with cutting mat.  Good room to work.

And that's a wrap!  See ya soon!