Friday, November 14, 2014

New (small) rulebook and Nid Dice...

  Picked up the new, smaller rulebook from GW on the pure chance that it would be cool.  While it is smaller than the big rulebook, it is not smaller than the paperback rulebook that was in the Stormclaw set.  This leaves me really confused about where this thing "fits" in the product line.  Let me show you...

A tiny bit larger than the paperback version.

A lot thicker than the paperback version.
  I guess it fits in because the Stormclaw was a limited run thing, so the paperback copies are kind of rare, and this version will be on the product line for a bit.  So, the Pros and Cons...

  • Very easy to read format.  Will be handy at the table and in lower light situations (like tournaments, where I can never seem to get enough light)
  • All the rules presented in order...  :)
  • 3, count'em three bookmarks.  (sounds silly, but it is handy to have certain sections marked out)
  • The reference and index sections from the big rulebook.  very handy!!
  • $58.00
  • The most recent FAQs are NOT in it.
So, I can recommend this if you want to make your kit smaller and you have the spare change...

More pics to follow for completeness sake.  At the end is a couple of pics of the Tyranid Dice tin.

The back of it...

The side of it

The inside of it :)
   The Tyranid dice are .... well...  dice, with a nid symbol on them.  Collector item...