Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Age of Sigmar App Update - Getting better

  Well, they updated it again.  I have to say it is getting better, marginally. 

  I was going to update the app earlier this week when I purchased the Stormcast Eternals book using the in-app purchase methodology.  Needless to say, it did not work at all.  I could download the book but it would not let me read it.  I was a pit peeved, ok, alot peeved.  But there was an update yesterday that added alot of features and it seems to be coming along... again.

  For starters, the books all work now.  Yay!  All the sourcebooks and battle-tomes and the painting guide are available in the app.  Buying the book unlocks all the warscrolls and material from that book in the appropriate sections.

  What is new is the ability to add the Time of War and Battle-Plans to your "My Battle" listing.  This gives you the ability to have all the rules for your current battle in one place, and easy reference to them.  A big improvement.

  In the reader, it still remembers your place in the book when you close it, and the table of contents allows you to navigate the books better.  It is still not as handy as the pure iBooks version of the books, but it is at least, useful.

  you can also now purchase "battlepacks" which is all the app related content from the particular books.  So if you have the book in some other media type, you can just buy the parts that matter to the game in the app.  Very handy and well done!   A great way to make money on the same content twice!!

  For now, I have to give it a decent enough C+, maybe a B-.  It still has some clunkiness, but I do not see them adding in the functionality of a full ibook reader, that would compete with their iBook sales.

  At least, I can finally say, this is a decent app to pick up and use.  I can recommend it, at last.  Way to improve things, GW.   They must have fired the 8 year old and hired a 15 year old :)