Monday, September 14, 2015

Markers for Age of Sigmar

  Hey guys,

  Just made a set of markers for Age of Sigmar games.  This set is pretty tailored to Terrain and the Stormcast Eternals force I'm building up.

  There are 4 markers for each terrain type, 6 run markers, 8 for combat round completed (I always forget which units I have activated) and some other spell / Hero effect markers.

  Here is a link to the PDF, if you so desire to download them for your own use.

Age of Sigmar Markers.

  I build them up by printing out the sheet, cutting them out with a 1" hole punch and attaching them to 1" clear plastic/vinyl toppers.  Here is a link to the post where I describe making them in detail.

How to make miniature game markers.

  Dead simple, and pretty handy too.  I'll work up a chaos sheet soon, and add some other things to that one as well.  Enjoy!!!