Monday, October 26, 2015

New Walls. For Sigmar or Warmachine

  Well, with all those new Tau moving walls running around, I thought I would cobble some together for my Age of Sigmar and Warmachine games.  Super easy to make, the process is actually in the Warmachine rulebook.  You just cut a small piece of insulation foam, I went with 1/2" by 6" and 8".  They are, of course, 1" tall.  Then I rolled up some tin foil into a ball, to get a nice textured surface.  Press that into the foam, then use a ballpoint pen to draw in the 'mortar' lines for the stones.   For the base, I just cut some dollar store foam core board into shapes, peeled off the top layer of paper, cut a 1/2" groove in it and removed that foam as well.  Then used Elmer's glue to put them together.

  After that just paint and detail to your heart's content.  I did some grey and some umber walls, just to have some variety.  I had the hay bales just laying around from some other project.

  Making them in 6 and 8 inch segments means I can arrange them however I like.  I made some "forts" below just for examples sake.

  Making all 6 took about 2 hours, not counting paint drying time.  Simple, easy sunday project.