Saturday, October 17, 2015

Warmachine - Cryx Themed cary-all box

Hiya folks,

  I made a box to haul all my miscellaneous Warmachine/Cryx stuff in.  Thought I would share the results.  It's not a figure case, just a case to haul all the other stuff in.  I have a video and some pics... 

Hope you enjoy!

And now the pics;

  The box in all it's new glory...  It's a plain Michael's (craft supply store) box, painted green, cuz that's what Cryx does.  The corners and pirate logos are also from Michael's. They are epoxied on and the corners have 2 screws in them.  The third (middle) screw head is cut off because of the angle of the box.

   The Cryx logo is decoupaged onto the top.  Not the best work, but I don't decoupage much...
  The  marker storage is just cheap dollar store foam core, cut and glued.  I hold the pieces together with pins until the glue dries.  The it was painted... yup, green...

  The bottom holds the rulers, dice, cards etc for the game.  Kinda fun to make.  Hopefully you'll get motivated for your game/race/faction/ thing!

See ya!