Monday, November 26, 2007

Hurry up and wait!

Dawn breaks with 3 deliveries to make in a short time.  Of course, three deliveries, means 3 backups to docks.  Yoiks!  Early in the morning, huge day before and just enough sleep.  That was truly and adventure!

(Note, I will not be using customer names or anything like that, in fairness to the company in case I have something bad to say about them :)

By 1030, our deliveries are made and we are heading for the yard in Colton California.  We have some things broken on the truck that need to be looked at.  So, off we go from San Diego back towards (East of) LA.  We pull in early afternoon and little did we know what awaited us there.  Our truck was in the shop FOREVER it seemed.  The mechanical problems were fixed pretty quickly, our computer problem was more vexing.

The computer is an amazing box.  It is a GPS/SATCOM unit, and it controls our lives.  All of our dispatches, routes, fuel info, navigation and communication goes through it.  It is amazingly easy to use, but like any other Windows product, it has flaws!  The flaws kept us in the shop for WAY too long. A day and a half (grrrrrrrrrr.)

Through it all, Robert is showing me and teaching me alot of stuff.  My head is spinning at times with all the advice and info he has.  He is a great trainer, and if I ever get good at this, it’ll be more to his credit than mine, to be sure.

The nice part about being in the yard, SHOWERS!  They have free showers! And laundry.  What a relief that is.  As anyone who knows me knows, a shower, often is a necessity of life!