Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The dreaded bus ride…

What a deal, I knew I should have rented a car and driven to Oklahoma City.  As soon as I reached the terminal, the mass of human detritus drove that point home.  Just the odor from some of the gathered unwashed masses was enough to make me HOPE that there wouldn’t be enough seats on the bus.  Alas, such was not to be the case, there was room for me.  Just enough room.  I got the last seat at the back of the bus, an aisle seat no less.  Oh well.  A weird feeling gripped me just then.  I realized I was missing Pam already.  Odd, since I’m pretty used to going away from 25 years in the USAF.  I guess it is the reality of the fact that I’m going to be away more than I will be home as I start this journey.  Still, pretty weird to have a lump in your throat after all this time.

Then something odd happened.  My seat mate, a younger guy, gang dress, turned to me and says, “Hello sir, where are you headed?”.  Sir... wow, I didn’t see that coming.  Just goes to prove the point that you should never judge!  Well, we had a grand time laughing and joking all the way to Oklahoma City.  Along the way, I noticed that most of the folks on the bus were just regular folk going from one place to another.  After talking to alot of them, I just had to kick myself over and over for rushing to the judgement I made.  I hate it when I piss myself off.  In fact, the bus trip was actually pretty fun, if it weren’t for the seats and the deplorable condition of the bus itself.  Come on, Greyhound, get with it, your bus stunk, it was dirty and hadn’t had repairs in ages to the interior.  I have had worse seats in my life, but I don’t remember when.  Small, cramped, no leg room, even for me.

Well, the trip unraveled, as they often will, and I was dumped in the Oklahoma City, greyhound terminal.  Call for the hotel shuttle and at 1 in the morning I get to my room.  A double room, to myself, a suite even. Sweet!  So far, so good.  More tomorrow when I find out what this business is all about.