Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mimi's Cafe

Quickie Restaurant Review...  Mimi's Cafe

This is the Albuquerque location.  We were looking for somewhere to eat, having just spent time and money at Woodcraft, and we had pretty much settled on Jasmine, a really nice Thai food place.  Instead, we saw Mimi's cafe next to it and said "What the hell, we'll try it."  Normally, I'm not one for chain cafe's, I mean, how good can a chain be?

One inside, I was struck with how desperately they tried to play up the New Orleans - French connection.  This is another thing that scares me, since if you try this hard with your decor, your food must not send the right message.

Well, I was right.  While the wait staff was pleasant, the atmosphere oppressive and the food was all over the map.  The Crab Cakes were so salty I thought they may have been fresh caught from the sea... then I remembered the Rio Grande is a fresh water river.  My Chicken Crepes were, at best, uninspired and depressing.  While there was a nice mix of flavors, there was nothing that bound the dish together.  The chicken was un-marinated and just sort of there as a meat.  I didn't say they weren't good, they were just ok, they did not impress or depress.

I will be going back there, I am sure though, since Pam found a fruit and walnut salad she really liked and it looked really quite good.  So, while I'm not impressed or awed with the food, I'm also not disgusted.  Most of the food was well prepared and I think I shall have to check out their pot pies next time.  Who knows, maybe it will be better.