Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Newsflash! France Surrenders Again! (to itself...)

Ok, so the USA, for the first time since 1930 has won a group!  Even though they tried very hard to deny us advancement, we made it.  I am sure FIFA was looking for some way to overrule that goal too, but to no avail.  This ought to get soccer some notice in the greater scheme of things...

We have been on the receiving end of the world cup's worst officiating, and we still made it.  Bully for us.

I wonder, will we remember soccer this time next month?

And this just in from the international news desk.

France has surrendered again, in world cup soccer, to itself!

South Africa, 23 June.  After getting mad enough to hurl really bad words at it's coach, the French team has reportedly ceased practicing and played an incredibly desultory match against South Africa, which they then lost, finalizing their surrender.  From the team that was #2 in the last world cup to scoring 1 goal in three games, how the mighty have fallen.  All because Anelka made the coach sad by telling him to fornicate himself...

So, in effect, they have surrendered yet again.  When the going got rough, they gave up, as men (errr Frenchmen)  will sometimes do!