Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter Changes

 Fare well, Templars Mordain.... Hellllloooo  Templars Sanguine

  Like all good things aborning, the chapter has changed yet again.  I am forced to make my home-brewed chapter a descendant of the Blood Angels rather than the Black Templars as I had previously thought.  There are several reasons for this, but most important, was the desire to have a Storm Raven and Furioso Dreads available to my lists.  I also love the thought of painting up a group of Sanguinary guards as well.  Of course, you have to take the good with the bad, so it means I will have the Red Thirst as well.

  Another reason is the fact that, while I still love the Black Templars, the style they have and the 'fluff' is not my favorite.  I have some personal reasons for liking them and wanting to use them though.  So, the story is simple, I'm at the FLGS (Active Imagination) Friday night and my friend Matt says, "look, they have a Furioso Dreadnought".  Well that just tore it completely.  I had been edging toward the boys in red for some time and that just sealed the deal.  (I love the way he spends my money... LOL)  Not to mention the fact that we had been to the GW store in Denver (Square One) a few weeks before and I picked up the Angels Codex.

  The new banner is simple, yet defined, IMHO.  At the top you have the symbology for new chapter, a sort of amalgamation of the two progenitor chapters, Blood Angels and Black Templars.  These are stylized a bit and the red is deepened a bit.  Next down is the Aquilla for the Emperor (Praise to the throne) followed by the crossed swords with Loyalty Banner.  This is an important symbol.  It represents the ideology from my fluff for the desire of the chapter to be seen as loyal.  Both progenitors have had their loyalty questioned in the past, and the leaders of the new chapter wanted to display in no uncertain terms what they mean to address going forward.  Under that is the Laurel wreath to represent the chapter's honors to come.  Rather than a resplendent display of all their past glory's (of which there are none, new chapter and all.) they put the wreath here to stand for all the glories of the combined forces.  The chapter banner name in blue is beneath that.  The three peals at the bottom of the banner are, homages to the progenitors.  The center peal, with the flaming skull represents the new chapters desire to strike hard and fast from above.

  So, my new paint scheme will be more like this...
Templars Sanguine

  I'm hoping to get going on this soon, although I'm not sure what to do with the first squad I painted already.  Maybe I'll just refer to them as the old "11th Company..."